Sustainable fashion in active wear

Sustainable fashion in active wear

27.11.2023 2 minutes

The time when we ignored the environmental impact of our consumption is long gone. Increasingly, we’re looking for clothes that do not burden our environment too much. At NEBBIA, we believe that sustainable fashion should be affordable for all. But not as a trend, but as a conviction. Sustainability in fashion isn’t just about manufacturing and using eco-friendly materials. It’s about a whole philosophy, about the choices we make every day, from shopping responsibly to taking care of our clothes. The change of thinking and lifestyle is important and of great importance for our future and the future of our planet.

Green does not necessarily mean unaffordable

Why is sustainability so important? Each of us has the power to make an impact. Sustainable clothing means investing in products that last longer than new, are made from recyclable or renewable materials and minimise waste. These products contribute not only to the conservation of natural resources, but also to the reduction of our carbon footprint. And while it may seem that choosing sustainable fashion is more expensive, at NEBBIA we’re trying to show the opposite. Sustainability can be accessible and affordable for all. See for yourself!

At NEBBIA we take this as a challenge, not as an obstacle. Sustainability should not be a luxury, but a standard for everyone. Here you’ll not only find eco-friendly products, but also affordable prices. They reflect our philosophy, which emphasises sustainability as such.

Nature and innovation go hand in hand

An important step towards sustainable fitness clothing was the selection of material. In SEAQUAL™ we have found an innovative ecological solution that provides excellent functional properties. It has created an initiative to clean up the oceans of plastic waste. Although marine plastics are more difficult to recycle, a Spanish company has found a solution to bring them back to life and use them to make beautiful and sustainable products. By purchasing clothing from the OCEAN SELECTED collection, you are also actively participating in the fight for cleaner seas and oceans.

SEAQUAL™ fibre clothing is durable, flexible, quick-drying and suitable for any sport. The most important thing is that every piece of clothing helps to make our oceans cleaner.

Today you can find organic cotton from sustainable farms among our sustainable fashion, in addition to materials made from recycled plastics. Want to learn more about our sustainability projects?

From the bottom of the oceans to the gym

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the OCEAN SELECTED women’s leggings are a perfect example of how waste can be brought to life as part of your fitness wardrobe. To produce one pair of leggings, we used 8 plastic bottles that would otherwise take more than 500 years to decompose. The fibre with highly functional properties is produced during recycling.

Our designer Stanka took great care in the production of the collection. It’s both stylish and comfortable. It has fashionable natural motifs that will make you a real heroine. Which element rules you?

Every workout counts. For you, and for the planet. Develop your positive impact on the planet and shop with responsibility in mind.

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