The Gifts He Really Wants This Year

The Gifts He Really Wants This Year

12.07.2020 | 3 minutes

Christmas is here and you may be wondering: What present should I get for my friend/boyfriend? We know it might be really difficult to find a great gift for men. That is why we decided to create an exclusive guideline to the most popular gifts that people purchase for Christmas year after year and always come back to buy more.

Sit down, light a candle, and think of your loved ones and what they might enjoy the most from the following selection.



Is your boyfriend an avid sportsman or a fitness man? Does he have a full closet of fitness clothes and loves working on himself? Then give him pieces from our new collection LIMITLESS.

This Tank Top “Your Potential Is Endless” is the best of the timeless classics. Our athletes were present during the whole design process so you can be sure it's an extremely high-performance and functional piece. It will not only complement your boyfriend's fitness closet but also guarantee comfort and maximum focus during his workouts.

It was designed for men with vision and great potential. Show him you think this about him as well and get him a set of three - Tank Top in black, white, and blue. Motivate him to become even a better version of himself.

Trust us, he'll want to wear this every day!


The perfect gift might as well be something simple, something necessary, something essential. Just like our iconic NEBBIA boxers! Sometimes, it might be really difficult to find a great gift for men. Make a smart choice and get him a set of underwear in three color variations - in burgundy, black, and grey. He deserves only the best. You can't go wrong with these essentials.

Go for classics and get him our iconic NEBBIA boxers. They will definitely last him until next Christmas.


NO LIMITS Ragtop with a hoodie and LegDay Hero Shorts are the ultimate fitness clothing combination for your friend or boyfriend who lives a fitness lifestyle to the fullest. This is a blend of long-awaited comebacks of our favorite cuts and designs. Ideal for training but also casual wear. Just the perfect kind of sporty, and a perfect kind of stylish. Give him this popular combo for Christmas and you'll see his excitement right away.

Motivated by the slogan “Your potential is endless” and "fuck the fast change", he'll wear it knowing this message resonated with you and that you immediately thought of him.

See? The perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend exists after all!


Is your boyfriend immersed in the world of high-profile athletes and bodybuilders? Then he'll definitely appreciate this iconic Jacket of Champions. It's a signature piece of our new collection LIMITLESS inspired by Mr. Olympia sweatshirts that are made for the world's best athletes. Wearing this jacket, he'll feel on top of the world. Only the most dedicated and consistent with their fitness goals wear this jacket. Show him you believe in him and get him this iconic piece for Christmas.

He will be more excited than you think!


Then go for a no-brainer and give them our new collection of NEBBIA socks. The combination of iconic design, high-quality and sweat-absorbing material, and high-performance functions is a safe bet that will definitely find its place in their closet.

We hope you found the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you need any more assistance, feel free to send us a message or visit our brick stores. Our fashion consultants and shopping assistants will gladly help you choose the ideal pieces for a Christmas present.

Merry Christmas Shopping and Happy New Wear!


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