TOP 5 perfectly shaping leggings

TOP 5 perfectly shaping leggings

15.07.2019 2 minutes

Leggings are the most comfortable yet absolutely sexy piece of a woman's gymwear essentials. Therefore we are not surprised that you found your favourites in our collections :) Looking through the history, the iconic gym leggings Scrunch butt have always been the bestsellers!! 

We are very glad our fitness leggings match all the requirements - functionality, which is a must while working out, the cut details which perfectly highlight the curves so that you feel extremely eye-catching and last but not least the chosen materials which bring a maximum comfort while wearing. This is exactly what we, women, expect from leggings so that we could feel sexy and comfortable all the time.

This is the TOP 5 list of your absolute fave sport leggings!

1. Extremely functional "socks" leggings"

Sexy knee-socks design, airy mesh on calves and a comfortable NEBBIA rubber on waist, which will make the leggings stay on the same place. This is what makes the "Over the knee" sport leggings one of the most favourite pieces!

2. Perfect 3/4 leggings made for sports

The only 3/4 leggings in a dark-green and violet colour with a pretty contrasting "V" design on waist are the perfect choice for the hot days out! The mesh under the knees brings the sporty look and also the air for the place under the knees. It does not matter if you love running or a hard trainings in the gym- these fitness leggings guarantee maximum comfort!

3. Design piece in an unique length

The high waist has been the most favourite in the past year. Not only it will hide the tummy but is also extremely comfortable, optically prolongs legs and beautifully shape up the waist. The modern 7/8 length and an asymmetrical detail on the right leg are just a cherry on top :) 

4. Gym leggings that will highlight your perfect curves

The unique combination of materials and the optical details are made to highlight your curves as much as possible! The detailed combination of a thicker material with airy mesh creates refined design thanks to which this push up leggings are not only sexy but will also lift up the figure and make it stay on the right place.

5. Sporty leggings made of an extra soft material

The Beautiful Inside and Out collection brings leggings in a brand new design in two beautiful colours. Our chief designer Stanka combined all the best characteristics of our leggings- from the frilling on the butt, refined cut of the high waist to the combination of a comfortable material with an airy mesh and an iconic NEBBIA lampas. And you have appreciated this sophisticated piece so much it became the number one bestseller from the very first launch.