We started the revolution! FITNESS MEETS FASHION

We started the revolution! FITNESS MEETS FASHION

19.06.2019 1 minute

On Saturday June 15th, there was this magnificent show in Refinery Gallery where we introduced our great new collection. The fashion show came with the idea FITNESS MEETS FASHION, which perfectly describes what our designer Stanka wanted to express by the new collection.

Everything began approximately a year ago when we realized that we could do something different. Something that has not been here before. So the idea was born, which was successfully made real at the end of the day with the show that hasn’t been here before.

During the night, we were able to see performances of The Pastels, Ladylicious and Lina Mayer. Nevertheless, all attention was concentrated on Roelly Winklaar, who has been the face of NEBBIA for several years. Apart from him, many other athletes also came up on stage which made the atmosphere even better.

If you couldn’t watch our livestream or attend the show we have good news! You can watch it now :)

The collection that was introduced on Saturday is composed of four parts. At first, we introduced men´s and women´s collection, where everybody can find their favorite. Ordinary functional pieces can be combined with the colorful ones. Furthermore, you were able to see various leather and netted applications.

The show of the swimwear was the third in a row. Except for the alluring two-piece swimsuits, for the first time we introduced also one-piece fashion swimwear which boosts the beauty of each and every woman. Perfect fits, colored and striped combinations in relation with woman´s figure are the right choice!

Finally, we prepared a surprise in the form of the first ecological collection. We care about our planet and that’s why we want to be together with you in fighting for the clean oceans. In cooperation with SEAQUAL TMwe successfully created the NEBBIA x SEQUAL collection, made out of the ocean plastic, which are then processed into a thread.

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