What does the New Year mean for you?

What does the New Year mean for you?

01.02.2018 1 minute

The arrival of the New Year is for many of us the time when we balance what we have done in past and we give ourselves a preference for everything we can change in our lives from 1st January. Someone wants to lose weight, stop smoking, go to their first competition, or become a new Mr. Olympia. Whatever your preference is, it is very important to have a goal in front of you, not just for the New Year's Eve. Not having goals and dreams is like swimming in the sea and not knowing where the land is. And when you swim without knowing which way to go, in the first crisis, you’ll give it up.

Even in Nebbia we have our dreams and goals, and for the year 2019 we have a few, but one goal is above all the others. Maybe for somebody it might seem overly ambitious, but this year we want to become a number one world fitness company. Ambitious, but what is the difference between Mr. Olympia's goal of winning or being a number one on the market? Nebbia wanted to be at the world's top for a very long time, basically it's like we compete at Mr Olympia. We want to make few changes, wisely use the timing and victory is ours!

Of course, the basis of every success is to have a goal and then to have a determination. Our Nebbia team has a commitment and a goal! Do you have it too? If yes, you are on a halfway. I wish you, on behalf of the whole Nebbia team, to also make your dreams come true! Do not be discouraged by any failure and find your determination to move forward even though it will not be ideal and most would give up, but you are not the majority, so go ahead and stay motivated!

Martin Pecko