Clash of the Titans, Emotions and Winners of Mr. Olympia 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

Clash of the Titans, Emotions and Winners of Mr. Olympia 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

11.03.2023 5 minutes

After a year, we were once again eagerly waiting to see who would win Mr. Olympia. Orlando, Florida has become the epicentre of bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. The 59th year marked a new stage in history, with the best bodybuilders of the world competing on it. Take a look with us at who dominated the stage and what unexpected reversals the Olympia Weekend did bring.

Our social media was full of posts that you won’t find anywhere else. We want you to feel the atmosphere of this prestigious event. We are extremely happy that thanks to our partnership with Olympia, we can bring you the energy and emotions directly from the competition stage. If you still missed something from the results or from behind-the-scenes of the competition, read on and you will get an overview of all the most interesting moments of the biggest fitness and bodybuilding event.

Our views from Florida

This year was definitely not disappointing. We could look forward to a truly impressive performance, which culminated in a thrilling fight in several divisions. The first day of the Olympia Weekend, November 2, was in the spirit of the press conference and the traditional “Meet the Olympians”. Seeing the competitors at Olympia wearing clothes made by NEBBIA is an honour and we are very proud of it. This is confirmed by our nine-year partnership with this prestigious competition. The collaboration has also been translated into benefits for our customers in the form of the men’s collection NEBBIA x Olympia, which was tested directly by top athletes.

Surprises and triumphs of Olympia Weekend

The main programme did not start until the following day, 3 November. Six divisions were presented during the day. The day culminated in a fight in the Men’s 212 division. This category has become the biggest surprise at Friday’s awards ceremony. Keone Pearson prevented Shaun Clarid from getting his third Sandow statue. Although in some poses it was very difficult to determine who was doing better, in others Pearson easily had the upper hand.

An unpleasant moment for former champion Missy Truscott was a knee injury right on the stage, which forced her to withdraw from the competition. All the competitors put on an exciting show. However, Oksana Grishina, our former athlete, has made a remarkable comeback. After winning her fourth Fitness Olympia title in 2017, she decided to retire. She has now returned to the stage and scored her fifth triumph after a close fight with Taylor Learmont.

Friday night was also memorable for undefeated Andrea Shaw, who scored her fourth win in Ms. Olympia. She faced Angela Yeo. The increasingly popular Wellness Olympia 2023 division was dominated by Francielle Mattos, who won her third title.

Winners of Olympia Weekend 2023, November 3

Men’s 212: Keone Pearson @keone_prodigy

Ms. Olympia: Andrea Shaw @mzprettymuscle

Figure: Cydney Gillon @cydneygillonflawlessretreat

Fitness: Oksana Grishina @oksanagrishina

Women’s Physique: Sarah Villegas @iamsarahfit

Wellness: Francielle Mattos @franciellemattos

The results we have been waiting for

A heated moment and a confident fight for the most prestigious Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open) title took place last Saturday night. It was accompanied by the Men’s Physique, Classic Physique and Bikini divisions. During the day we also got to know the winner of the Pro Wheelchair category – Karol Milewski.

The surprise of the night was the men’s physique fight between Brandon Hendrickson and Ryan Terry. Many were expecting a title fight between Erin Banks and Jeremy Buendi. After an electrifying finale, Ryan dethroned Erin to win the Men’s Physique 2023 title.

Contrariwise, the Classic Physique final was a repeat of last year’s battle between Ramon Queiroz and Chris Bumstead. The jury judged the shapes of 35 competitors. In the end, however, the 28-year-old Canadian outclassed the pumped-up muscleman, thanks to the clear difference in his side chest and double biceps from behind.

Saturday’s finale was also a victorious night for Jennifer Dorie, who became Miss Bikini Olympia 2023. She became a double champ in this category and dethroned Maureen. The top three competitors stood out above the rest. We saw several comparisons in the final. In the end, it was Jennifer who showed to be the most symmetrical athlete. Maureen Blanquisco won 2nd place. Third place went to Ashley Kaltwasser, who you’ll be hearing a lot more about from us.

The fight for Mr. Olympia 2023

The Open final was the most awaited moment of the Olympia Weekend. Samson Dauda, Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan fought for medals. This trio was no surprise. But everyone was waiting to see who would be the winner of Mr. Olympia 2023. While Samson impressed with his unprecedented muscle mass and elegance, his weaknesses were also apparent. When it comes to gluteal muscles, Derek and Snakes clearly dominated. However, Derek had the upper hand in the details of the back poses. Contrariwise, the frontal poses played in Hadi’s favour. After a very close fight, we met the new Lord Olympia, Derek Lunsford, at the Orange County Convention Center.

Winners of the Olympia Weekend 2023, November 4

Men’s Open: Derek Lunsford @dereklunsford_

Classic Physique: Chris Bumstead @cbum

Men’s Physique: Ryan Terry @ryanjterry

Bikini: Jennifer Dorie @jenniferdorie_ifbbpro

Pro Wheelchair: Karol Milewski @milewskikarol87

Slovakia and the Czech Republic in TOP 10

We have a lot to boast about! Slovak and Czech athletes were also successful at the Olympia Weekend. The talented Michal Križánek achieved the best result in the history of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. At the most prestigious bodybuilding competition he took a beautiful 7th place in the Men’s Open category. Michaela Pavleová also placed in the top ten in the Fitness Olympia division, taking an admirable 8th place, and Adela Ondrejovičová took 9th place in the Figure division. Czech Tereza Linhart with 11th place narrowly missed the top ten and Gabriela Linhart was 16th. However, it should be noted that all four of them have achieved great success by qualifying for the Olympia.

As a proud partner of the Olympia Weekend, we are aware of the arduous journey athletes must undertake to participate in this prestigious competition. We admire everyone who has reached this important career milestone. We congratulate all qualified athletes on their success and look forward to their further triumphs next year!