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Celebrate with us the achievements of women around the world. We bring you interviews with amazing women who have shared with us their experiences and the challenges they have faced during their fitness journey. Do today's women also face gender stereotypes or discrimination? Read what it means to be a woman in the fitness world in 2024, straight from our ambassadors.

We spoke to Ashley Kaltwasser, Kristýna Seidlova, Denisa Tran Vanova, Lucia Mikušova and Valerija Slapnik. In each answer you will find determination, discipline and an unwavering drive to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

1. What does being a woman in the fitness world mean to you?

Lucia: Being a woman in the fitness world means finding a balance between strength and elegance and, above all, feeling confident in your body.

Ashley: I'm here to prove that we are capable of so much more than anyone thinks!

Valerija: For me, that means being strong not only in physique, but also internally as a mother and a person. I exercise to be healthy and full of energy for my daughter.

Kristýna: I'm trying to bring more awareness to the Wellness fitness category and show that even more muscle volume goes hand in hand with feminine beauty when it's grasped properly. I want to show women on social media that they don't have to be afraid of strength training and that they can gain confidence and daily rituals for a happier life.

Denisa: Women can represent strength, dedication and confidence in the fitness world just as much as men. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation. I am grateful to be able to inspire and motivate many people in this area.

2. What has been the hardest challenge for you during your fitness journey?

Lucia: The period when I ate very little and had to overcome my fear of calories and learn to take them as fuel for my body. And not something that will hurt the body.

Ashley: Well, I have to say that the burden of expectation in the past added extra pressure, which made it more stressful and less fun. I've dealt with it for the most part, but I still struggle with it at times.

Valerija: Fitness is a constant challenge. It's never been any different. Sometimes the challenge is waking up early in the morning to go to the gym, sometimes it's during a workout to push myself harder. But that's what I love most about fitness. It's the daily challenge that makes me happier and stronger when I overcome it.

Kristýna: Putting up with unkind criticism from people who can't say it politely and try to smear me or hurt me mentally. Even now, after about 7 years, I'm still not won over.

Denisa: Finding the balance. To realize that it's not just about strict dieting and exact grams. To realize that it's not just about heavy weights and not every workout has to be 100 %. And also to learn how to rest and recover.

3. What information would you have liked to have had when you first started fitness?

Lucia: Definitely information about proper training for women and the importance of a balanced diet. I would also like to sweep off the table all the "effective diets" that were in at that time and were advertised as the right ones.

Ashley: It doesn't have to be extreme! Preparing for a competition doesn't have to be a scary task. I enjoy my preparations now because I've found a way to make it more fun! Prepare smart, not hard.

Valerija: That there will be a lot of people who will doubt you and your fitness journey and maybe not support you. But do it for yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Denisa: We are women, let's listen to our bodies. It's okay to feel bloated, to be weaker or stronger. It's (also) our cycle's fault and it's totally okay. It's also okay to put on fat if you want to put on muscle. You're not missing out on anything. Slowly on you go. It's okay to be weaker if you're in a caloric deficit. Carbs are buddies. No amount of extremes will get you long term results. Don't ever compare yourself to anyone. Everyone is different and has different body structure and genetics. And one more - It's not just about heavy weights. Compensatory exercises and cardio are just as important.

4. Do you remember your beginnings with strength training? Did you have any prejudices or fears?

Lucia: At the beginning I was afraid of the unfamiliar environment of the gym, and I also thought that every person would look at me and judge how I was exercising. But over time, I've found that strength training brings incredible benefits to the body and mind, and no one really cares about me in the gym.

Ashley: I've always been an athlete. From gymnastics when I was very young, to track and field from high school to my college days and later as an IFBB Bikini Pro. Training and competing is my lifestyle and I am fully aware of that.

Valerija: I was worried that I would look too muscular. But after a while I found out that I would only look more athletic and the way I wanted to. For some it's too much, for others it's great. But at the end of the day, it's what you like that's important, not what others think.

Kristýna: A deadlift that beginners in particular should watch out for. If I were to go back, I wouldn't include it in my training until I had sufficient skills. I've enjoyed strength training from the very beginning and have never been afraid of it, just the results I wanted.

Denisa: I felt insecure in the beginning, after all heavy weights are for men and women are supposed to be fragile creatures. Women shouldn't have more muscular thighs and arms. I encountered these opinions regularly and it held me back a bit. I also wasn't sure of the correct technique. Luckily, I later found a workout partner and it all fell away from me.

5. To what do you owe the dedication and discipline you have today?

Lucia: I owe my discipline to my routine that I have developed over the years of regular exercise. When you say the word routine, a lot of people think of something negative, that it's always about the same thing, but I love it.

Ashley: Gratitude. I'm living a life that some people could only dream of. I've exceeded every expectation I set for myself. I'm enjoying life to the fullest, so I'm just moving on!

Kristýna: I think I still have a lot to learn. At the moment, especially as a fresh professional. My coach Lukas Osladil is teaching me a lot. He doesn't let me disappoint my sponsors who believe in me and create the conditions that allow me to do what I enjoy. And last but not least, my fans motivate me.

Denisa: Having a clear goal, a routine and doing it with heart and humility is essential.

6. What is your basic equipment for the gym? Do you have a favourite outfit?

Lucia: My basic outfit for the gym includes - towel, shaker, protein after workout, comfortable sportswear - my favourite combo is from the Hero N°3 collection - fitness shorts GLUTE PUMP and sports bra ICONIC.

Ashley: I'm not picky about fitness equipment. I can work out in a small hotel fitness center if I need to. It's all about intensity, not equipment.

Kristýna: Pre-workout, jerks or hooks, a waist belt and fitness jumpsuits NEBBIA make my assets stand out and I feel confident in them.

Denisa: Comfortable clothes, a water bottle and a rubber band! I have a few favourite pieces and colours, but my favourite ones are from the HERO collections - the GLUTE PUMP fitness leggings or the CLASSIC HERO leggings.

Benefits of gyno for women

The road to achieving volume in the fitness world is paved with challenges and triumphs. Despite obstacles and doubts, women in the gym excel with unwavering dedication. By incorporating sport into their daily lives, women cultivate essential skills such as discipline, respect and self-confidence.


Through fitness, they not only improve their physical health but also develop mental and emotional well-being. And they do this even at a young age. It helps girls improve academic performance, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, promote healthier menstruation. Which naturally boosts their self-esteem and allows them to lead happier lives.

Every sport plays a key role in shaping women's character and leadership skills, preparing them for success not only on the sports field, but off it as well. It empowers them to overcome obstacles.

Social support

Gym provides opportunities to meet new people and build social relationships, which contributes to a sense of belonging and support.

Better sleep

Regular exercise can help you improve the quality of your sleep. This is important for the recovery of the body and mind after a busy day.


For many women, training in the gym is a way to get rid of stress. This time at the gym can also be a time for you to recharge.

A woman's journey in the fitness world is one of empowerment and dedication. Through sport, they expose stereotypes, break barriers and inspire others to embrace their inner strength and unleash their full potential. As we celebrate the achievements of women in fitness, let's continue to support and empower each other.