Loving that place where you lift heavy stuff, sweat like a waterfall, and sometimes question your life choices? If the gym is your kind of therapy, then our collection is your new best friend.

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half-seamless design

for new PR

Bringing new technology

Patented half-seamless design


You asked and we listened. This is the first collection ever where NEBBIA brings you a new half-seamless design to make our leggings, shorts and jumpsuits maximally comfortable, keeping the front smooth without cutting in the wrong places or losing shaping properties. This new design is so unique that our technology and creation got patented. Yaay! This is to ensure that YOU get the absolute best that fitness fashion has to offer!

Tested. Approved. Power checked.

Our one and only Lucia Mikušová signed for the collection


She may be a social media mega star but when she's in the gym, she means business. The face of our collection Barbell Therapy is none other than Lucia Mikušová, our favourite hammies mommy whose discipline and dedication is a true testament of her perseverance. Let her hard work be your reminder to never give up, always challenge yourself and raise the bar even further. You've got this.