1. Registration on the website www.nebbia.biz is only available to the parties, who supportably purchase merchandise for further sale and possess a working shop, e-shop or fitness centre.
  2. Respectful representation of the NEBBIA brand in compliance with the current design manual.
  3. Representation, promotion and sale of NEBBIA brand by means of social media or websites with the title comprising NEBBIA (e.g.: www.nebbia.xx, www.nebbia-yyyy.xx, www.zzzzNEBBIA.xx) has to be approved by our party well in advance, otherwise such promotion channel may be removed.
  4. Regular purchase: regular purchase is evaluated by NEBBIA based on orders in recent 3-month quarter. The minimum purchase for a new partner for the first quarter at the beginning of cooperation amounts to EUR 500. After the expiration of the period of 3 months (the first quarter) the minimum purchase in a quarter increases to EUR 1,500. If failing to comply with the minimum purchase requirement the wholesale customer statute will be withdrawn from the customer.
  5. The minimum wholesale order is EUR 150.
  6. The merchandise must be paid for latest on the day of dispatch or by means of C.O.D.
  7. Compliance with pricing terms: the seller must comply with the NEBBIA´s pricing policy. The prices indicated on www.nebbia.biz are “recommended prices”. The seller may not offer the final selling price (discount shall include loyalty and any system discounts) lower from our recommended price – To avoid any price differences in exchange rates seller is obligated to provide you with a pricelist in excel for via email with recommended retail prices converted to your exchange rate always before any change is happening. This is not valid for an “outlet” section. As soon as is model in “outlet” section, retailer is allowed to settle any price and don’t need to follow RRP from Seller.
  8. The seller may sell the merchandise for the price higher than the recommended one without any restrictions.
  9. If failing to comply with the pricing policy the partner shall be sanctioned by withdrawing the discount and reverse bonuses.
  10. Any complaint must be filed latest in 1 year from buying the merchandise, namely only by means of a complaint form.
  11. Any complaint regarding a shipment received is possible latest in 2 working days from the delivery.
  12. The price list is updated on a monthly basis (always as at the first day in a month).
  13. The merchandise purchased for wholesale prices is determined exclusively for the sale to the end user and may not be offered or sold to other traders. If that happens, it shall be seen as a gross violation of the business terms and conditions and the wholesale partner statute will be withdrawn from the partner i.e. the cooperation will be terminated.
  14. When taking over any damaged package from a courier it is necessary to fill in the form about the loss that the courier shall keep with him – without filling in the form it is not possible to exercise any complaint regarding the goods damaged during transport or items missing from the package.
  15. It is possible to file a complaint regarding the difference between the charged merchandise and the delivered merchandise latest in 3 working days. Any difference notified after the deadline will be refused.
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