NEBBIA: We produce for people with a passion for fitness

Sometimes, people may deviate from their path. They will lose motivation to reach their goals. We will share a secret with you, thanks to which we always stay focused. At NEBBIA, we go our own way and we always have a clear attitude in upcoming challenges - we never forget about the reason why we started. At NEBBIA, the answer is always YOU! We live for fitness. We create for you. At NEBBIA, we ask ourselves the question "WHY?" from the very beginning....

28.06.2021 2 minutes

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First day at NEBBIA

Reaching your dream job meant going through a difficult selection process. You got hired for this job and that is a big success, but your hard work does not end here. Especially not here at NEBBIA. However, your first day will help you make sense of things. You will meet your new colleagues with an infectious amount of energy. Read about the first day at NEBBIA. Right away, I have to tell you that I am the latest addition to NEBBIA myself, so you can be sure that this article...

14.06.2021 3 minutes

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New eco-collection OCEAN SELECTED: Take part in the change

Catch the eco wave and join us in cleaning the oceans. We bring you the new eco-friendly collection OCEAN SELECTED, which, as the name suggests, contains energy, power and untamedness. Thanks to the functional attributes of the SEAQUAL material, you will enjoy your summer training with maximum drive and a good feeling that you took part in removing plastic from oceans by buying your fitness clothes. Inspired by nature In the design phase, we were inspired by scenes...

08.06.2021 2 minutes

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NEBBIA cleans the oceans: Join us!

Humanity produces almost 400 million tonnes of plastic annually. From that amount, 12 million tonnes end up in the ocean every year. With this tempo, there will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. We want to prevent that, which is why we are expanding our collection of clothing from recycled material. Help us clean the oceans! To compete with fast-fashion  Clothes...

29.05.2021 2 minutes

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INTENSE - a new collection inspired by women like you

Are you ready to put everything into it? A new collection for those who never give up Some people write down “I will start working out” every year as a New Year’s resolution. You are not one of those people though. You are determined and disciplined. You choose to put 100% into everything you do. For your health, for your fitness, and for the ability to enjoy every moment in life to the fullest. You know what you want and that is an intense...

25.02.2021 3 minutes

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4 Reasons Why You Need Bubble Butts in Your Closet

We all know it. A beautiful bottom does not come cheap. And yet, fashion magazines are filled with clothes that should cover these body parts, or even hide them, as if they never existed.But you are proud of your curves. You work hard, and you want to put them on display. You need a different kind of fashion. One which would celebrate your body to the fullest. For you, NEBBIA developed a truly unique cut of trousers - Bubble...

15.02.2021 3 minutes

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Mr. Olympia 2020 - an exclusive backstage look with NEBBIA

The world has been indisputably marked by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, the biggest bodybuilding event, Mr. Olympia, found its way even in the “new normal” and NEBBIA had the chance to participate. We did not expect otherwise, as we have been a proud partner for 6 years and counting. Kamil, our video content manager, flew to Florida in order to give you a personal and unique look to how the whole weekend went.Mr. Olympia is an international bodybuilding competition,...

22.01.2021 5 minutes

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2020 Was Unexpected But We Made The Most Out Of It

2020 surely did not go as expected. The beginning of the year looked very promising yet it all took a different turn very quickly. At NEBBIA, we always prized our dynamic environment and our ability to react to changes rather quickly. And so when the pandemic hit us, we had to create a game plan.The NEBBIA team started working from home, and soon we experienced the first challenges as everyone else who was forced to change their lifestyle. But NEBBIA is resilient. As we preach high...

06.01.2021 4 minutes

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A Day In The Life of Social Media & Influencer Manager

There’s never a dull moment in the NEBBIA office. This is true for the entire team regardless of a department - design, production, sales, marketing, retail, accounting, or administration - and I can confidently say that we all share a passion for the dynamics of the industry and our professional endeavors.In this section titled A Day In The Life, we will be introducing individual members of the NEBBIA team and share with you the secrets of their day to day professional activities....

11.11.2020 4 minutes

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Our new collection LIMITLESS is a celebration of real fitness!

The time has finally come to showcase the new men's collection and we could not be more proud of the result. The entire NEBBIA team had worked super hard to deliver something new, designed especially for hard-working, hard-training, ambitious men. For men like you. After a few previous drops dedicated to women and femininity, for example, our Aloha Babe or Honey...

28.10.2020 3 minutes

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Honey Bunny Is Here!

It's finally here! Sunday 4.10 was one of the most exciting days for NEBBIA as we launched our feminine collection Honey Bunny and our #NEBBIAGIRL Karolina Huvarova appeared on the cover of Playboy. To spice it up a little bit, together with Playboy we organized an unforgettable PLAYBOYxNEBBIA show. We even brought in dancers to shake up the floors and hypnotize the audience with intriguing visuals and choreography.When...

11.10.2020 3 minutes

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NEBBIA Store Now in Brno

Grand Opening The opening of the fourth NEBBIA store in the Czech Republic, this time in the largest shopping center in Brno came with a bang - a celebration full of special guests, loyal customers, and fans of...

26.08.2020 2 minutes

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Let Yourself Bloom in the Aloha Babe

"Let yourself bloom!" is not only the motto of NEBBIA's first floral print mini collection but also our message to all women who are not afraid to show their femininity and figure. The intricately designed 3-piece sportswear set including a sports bra, leggings and Brazilian style bikini bottom in a Hawaiian inspired print screams "I am here to bloom and share my beauty with the world!" The Inspiration Behind NEBBIA's First Floral Mini Collection And how did the...

08.08.2020 2 minutes

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June 21, 2020 - It was a Sunday like no other. A Sunday that turned into an impressive celebration of the NEBBIA brand and its community. Our team is still powered by the positive energy received from all the guests that came to see us and celebrate the opening of the 2nd NEBBIA store in Prague. And naturally, we'd like to share the special moments with all of you that could not be there.  When we...

23.06.2020 2 minutes

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​The Shape of You – New Addition to the NEBBIA Family

Sport meets design, comfort meets style  We are huge believers that the beauty of women’s body shouldn’t go unnoticed. And so, we wanted to support all our heroines by designing a new underwear line that will not only naturally enhance their womanhood but also provide comfort and ease for everyday wear. We’re happy to announce, The Shape of You is finally here! ...

29.04.2020 1 minute

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Meet the HERO

Life has changed, but our focus remains. So, especially in these unprecedented times, we are more than happy to introduce our newest gym wear collection aptly named HERO. Designed with a modern hero in mind – motivated, ambitious, progressive self-starter that doesn’t give up regardless of circumstances. We are convinced you’re one of them. The modern hero that wants to enjoy high-class, durable, and stylish fitness apparel in and out of the gym....

22.04.2020 3 minutes

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How we deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis situation

Today, probably everyone from a citizen to a huge global company has to deal with this worldwide situation and Nebbia is no exception. I will not lie or play a hero. I'm afraid of the unknown. We all have families and we are afraid if we can get through this without getting sick. That is why we put health protection first in Nebbia and minimized our face-to-face work contacts and activities even before the public recommendations were announced. Nebbia is...

27.03.2020 2 minutes

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We celebrated the 2nd birthday of the Bratislava store!

We were so happy when we opened the NEBBIA store in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia! Our dream came true and it has been two years since this special day. We have met a lot of wonderful people who have become our loyal customers. We really appreciate it and are happy for all the progress you are making thanks to the motivation transformed into our clothes! :)The second birthday party, which we approached a bit unconventionally in the spirit of "Shopping with the Designer"...

10.02.2020 1 minute

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Do you know thanks to whom your clothes look and feel great? The answer is very simple. Thanks to you :) To get our clothes to you as you know and enjoy them, to make every piece your favorite pick for your workouts, and to make you look amazing in them, every single piece goes through a long journey. From an idea that our Chief Designer Stanka imagines in her creative mind, through selection of the best materials, dozens of test cuts...

29.01.2020 1 minute

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The outstanding trends in women's workout clothes!

The new Fitness Meets Fashion collection introduced women’s fitness clothing that combines sports fashion with the latest trends. We even dare to say that in our design center we created models which have outdone the current fashion and we are setting new trends not only in fitness wear! Check out what news from the category of fitness leggings and ladies pants are must-have pieces of this year according to our women’s athletes! ...

09.08.2019 3 minutes

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TOP 5 perfectly shaping leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable yet absolutely sexy piece of a woman's gymwear essentials. Therefore we are not surprised that you found your favourites in our collections :) Looking through the history, the iconic gym leggings Scrunch butt have always been the bestsellers!!  We are very glad our...

15.07.2019 2 minutes

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We started the revolution! FITNESS MEETS FASHION

On Saturday June 15th, there was this magnificent show in Refinery Gallery where we introduced our great new collection. The fashion show came with the idea FITNESS MEETS FASHION, which perfectly describes what our designer Stanka wanted to express by the new collection. ...

19.06.2019 1 minute

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Let' not close our eyes NEBBIA x SEAQUAL™️

12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans and seas every year. More than 90% of the plastic fragments fall to the bottom of the ocean. There is 4,6 billions of plastic altogether in the garbage dumps.  Spain company Seagual TM is working with fishermen, non-governmental communities and departments focusingon elimination of waste in oceans. This garbage is gathered from...

15.06.2019 1 minute

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NEBBIA at the last expo ever!

We consider you part of our family, and this is why we have set off to meet you. This time we visited FIBO, one of the biggest global fitness and bodybuilding exhibitions in Cologne. Our primary goal was to collect as much feedback as possible from you, our customers. We are willing to recommend you the best, and that would be impossible without you. It is like a holiday to us to exchange ideas and experience. Thanks to enormous interest in our products, which we are grateful for, we had...

10.04.2019 2 minutes

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Fake will never be enough. Choose original.

Would you buy an imitation of a prestigious brand, whether it would be glasses, watches or sneakers? I think most of you would answer my question without hesitation: „No, I wouldn‘t.“ Nevertheless, most of us have some fakes at home and we don‘t consider it as that bad. I personally never thought about fakes and I took them as a part of holiday destinations. Well, only until that problem started to concern me directly, until I started to realize how huge this problem is.When...

26.03.2019 3 minutes

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