Sports Bra: Guide to Maximum Support and Comfort

An active lifestyle brings benefits to your health and well-being. However, it also comes with the need to choose the right fitness attire that allows you to engage in physical activity without worries. One of the key pieces of your outfit is the sports bra. It provides support, comfort, and freedom of movement even during demanding workouts. Let's explore how to choose a sports bra that will support you in every performance.How to...

07.09.2023 7 minutes

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Gymnastics and Strength Training. Combine them in your workout plan like Lucka Mikušová

The combination of gymnastics and strength training might sound unusual at first glance. But what if we told you that this combination could be the key to achieving your fitness goals? Overcome myths such as gymnastics not being suitable for fitness enthusiasts and discover the true value of balancing flexibility and strength.Differences Between Gymnastics and Strength...

09.08.2023 4 minutes

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Diastasis: What It Is and How to Manage It

Diastasis – the bogey not only of women – is the divergence of the straight abdominal muscles, which appears as a ridge running down the midline of the abdomen. Neither diets nor exercise can help us recover from it. It mainly occurs in women after childbirth, but also in young people, athletes and parents of young children. What are its symptoms and how to beat it?This condition of the abdominal muscles is known medically...

21.07.2023 8 minutes

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Power Yoga: Benefits for a Healthy, Stress-Free Life

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live a happy and balanced life without stress? Even a busy person can feel healthy and fit and live in harmony. Yoga is yoga that what connects physical and mental health. In power yoga, the same poses are used as in classical yoga and its benefits help us to live a higher quality life in today’s hectic times without stress and a sore spine. All you have to do is make time for...

21.06.2023 4 minutes

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Compression Clothing for Greater Performance without Compromise

Imagine the perfect fitness clothing that will help you push your limits. More energy for muscles, lower risk of injury, faster recovery. Plus, it’s comfortable, even though it’s close-fitting. That’s what the new compression clothing from the INTENSE collection is. Thanks to its innovative technical features, it provides endless comfort during training. It will boost your performance and recovery of tired muscles and the added elastane will ensure natural...

12.05.2023 4 minutes

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15-minute workout that will get you into shape. Burn more calories and save time

Short but intensive trainings are becoming increasingly popular. It is also a consequence of the fast times we live in, when we don’t have time for regular exercise.Our work, family, friends and other commitments don’t allow us to spend hours in the gym or get prepared for a marathon. Fortunately, we know that even 15 minutes a day can help us shape beautiful curves. There are several reasons why it is worth investing your time in a 15-minute workout. Here are some of...

05.04.2023 3 minutes

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Seven Highly Effective Tips on How to Start Working Out at the Gym

Are you constantly wondering how to overcome yourself and start working out at the gym? We know the feeling when you suddenly see a pile of exercise equipment in front of you, wondering which one to try first. How am I supposed to work out with all that stuff? Your current fitness or a few extra pounds are no reason to feel that bad. Quite the contrary. It’s admirable that you decided to make your dream come true and want to feel better. Seeing brawny counterparts in...

26.02.2023 4 minutes

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6 Most Underrated Leg Day Exercises and Tips for Strong Legs

Strong legs will support you during your performances. Most exercisers for men typically focus on shaping the chest, biceps, shoulders and back. But legs are often missing from the training plan. Muscle imbalance will occur if you load the upper body disproportionately to the lower body. And it's not just about aesthetics. Health problems, such as muscle shortening and disruption of movement stereotypes, can also occur, which can lead to injury. Unfortunately,...

19.01.2023 5 minutes

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6 exercises for her: Your new full-body training!

The beginnings of training can be difficult for many. You keep asking yourself: “Am I doing it correctly?”. Which is why we prepared training videos for you, showing you how to exercise your whole body and enjoy movement without injuries. The videos will be useful to more experienced men and women seeking inspiration for new exercises. Check if you are working out correctly and make progress quicker! Squat The king of exercises and one of the basic...

19.01.2023 4 minutes

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7 Super Effective Butt Exercises Worth Trying

Women have always strived to achieve their dream body. Unlike men, who aim for a well-developed chest, we women desire a slim waist, toned legs, but mainly a firm and round butt. So let's take a look at a few unusual exercises that you probably don't know, but which will definitely help you get the butt you dream of. And why unusual? Everyone knows exercises like squats or pelvic lifts, but it never hurts to liven up your workout with something...

14.01.2023 2 minutes

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Benefits of strength training: Build muscles efficiently and speed up your metabolism

If you thought strength training was only for chubby gym-goers, you were wrong. Strength training is for everyone who wants to have a quality and healthy life. This type of exercise represents an important pillar for our organism, whether it is on the physical side (development of the body) or on the psychological side (development of the mind). It brings you several benefits: strengthens the skeleton and increases bone density, strengthens joints and tendons, improves...

13.01.2023 7 minutes

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How to build a sculpted chest? Remember these 5 exercises. (PS: Bench press alone won't cut it)

Is a sculpted chest one of your New Year's goals? Bench press should definitely not be missing in your training plan. Having a strong chest shows how seriously you take your training. But this proverbial exercise is definitely not enough to shape your pectoral muscles aesthetically from every point of view. It is important to exercise the chest at different angles. That is why we have prepared an ideal combination of strength and...

12.01.2023 3 minutes

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A quick exercise routine to improve body mobility

Trainer Martina Takáčová considers body mobility to be one of the key areas to which not only those who do sports in any way, but everyone who wants to have a healthy body should devote themselves. Mobility affects our quality of life and is related to all the activities we perform during the day. Come and learn a simple exercise routine with us, which you can practice, for example, after sitting for a...

05.01.2023 1 minute

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HIIT Workouts: How to Do HIIT Correctly?

If your workouts feel tedious and never-ending, switch to HIIT - the high-intensity cardio option. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare and do your maximum. You can experience truly intense training anywhere, even at home. With HIIT workouts, you can reach maximum health benefits in a...

04.01.2023 4 minutes

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Fitness basics: How to set up an effective training plan?

How often should you exercise? Setting up a training plan correctly is so important, and we often make mistakes while doing it. That is why we called upon our NEBBIA girl and fitness trainer, Klaudia Mikitková. In this article, Klaudia will clarify the training basics and advise on how to get started."Since I first entered the gym, I wanted to develop abdominal muscles (SIXPACK) like Michelle Lewin. However, I can humbly dare to say that I have acquired a certain strength...

02.01.2023 6 minutes

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Active regeneration after an intense workout

You have just finished your intense training. Now, it is time to regenerate, which is often underestimated. Training is only a piece of the puzzle to reach your dream figure and physical shape. What you do in the remaining 23 hours is just as important. In this article, you will learn about the influence of active rest on your next workout.Passive vs. active recoveryPassive rest does not require any...

12.12.2022 2 minutes

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Tips and Tricks for Pre-competition Meals: How to Reduce Your Cravings for Cheat Meals?

Any of us who have ever dieted know the feeling – you’re still eating and you still feel like you don't have enough. Even while you’re eating, you’re already thinking about the next meal, and the time passes so slowly that it seems like an endless story. Although dieting is quite challenging, there are tricks that can sidetrack your...

19.10.2022 4 minutes

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FITNESS POSING: Read this article if you want to dominate the stage (VIDEO)

The form you bring on stage isn’t the only thing that decides who will be the winner. In the world of fitness there are many fine details that effect the final decision of judges. One of the most important one is a proper posing technique. Your posture reveals what you have been working so hard on all those months. It’s a shame if you cannot show the full width of your shoulders and back, your abdominal wall, gluteus or hamstrings that are the deciding factor in the Bikini...

28.09.2022 3 minutes

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Bodybuilders and fitness fans have always tried to have the most aesthetically pleasing bodies and a robust chest is part of that. Studies show that male attractiveness is higher the if the ratio of chest and waist is small. It means having a small waist and broader chest. If this is what you’re going after, include these exercises in your workout and target all your chest muscles! ●  Good to know:...

23.09.2022 3 minutes

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How to get rid of tennis and golfer’s elbow for good!

You have never played tennis nor golf, but you still have sharp pain in your elbow? These conditions affect ordinary people more often than professional athletes. These are two separate conditions with almost identical symptoms and treatments. If you suspect to have one of these problems, this article will help you identify it. What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis...

01.08.2022 5 minutes

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6 tips to get a slim waist

Belly fat is stubborn. Especially if you only need to lose couple more kilos to have your goal weight and visible abs. A slim waistline is the result of genetics and the lifestyle a person leads. You can’t change the first one, but you can do something about the latter. Thanks to this article you can improve your lifestyle. Read carefully. We have chosen these tips together with our NEBBIA Girl Denisa Tran...

20.07.2022 5 minutes

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Do you suffer from backaches? These 5 yoga poses will save you!

Backache, stiff neck, or migraines – these are oftentimes the results of long hours spent sitting and bad posture. „ Under normal circumstances all muscle groups are in balance, but due to wrong overstraining one muscle gets weaker and the other is overloaded and gets shorter. “Our yoga instructor MUDr. Lydia Lucenicova warns that if this imbalance doesn’t get solved, you can get headaches or...

20.06.2022 3 minutes

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Get in shape for the summer: You can do it with these tricks + unexpected BONUS!

The first warm days served as a reminder for many of us that summer is coming and the moment when we show how we took care of our bodies during winter is coming too. It’s given that these days fitness centres and trainers are getting new clients that are looking for fast ways of getting in shape for the summer. Whether you like it or not, if you want to show off your six pack at the swimming pool, you’ll have to make some sacrifices and be resilient. Nobody got in shape...

28.04.2022 7 minutes

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Are you ready for spring? These 8 tips will get you back in shape!

Spring has arrived! Nature with its warm days is luring us out of indoor gyms. Do a little bit of spring cleaning in your training routine and freshen it up with some outdoor activities, new training techniques, and get ready for all kinds of adventures that summer has to offer! We give you 8 tips that will allow you to enjoy this spring to the fullest, support your health and performance. 1. Remember your...

27.03.2022 4 minutes

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Do you have acne and you’re working out? Don’t make these mistakes! (INTERVIEW with a specialist)

Attention! This article contains information you won’t find anywhere else. If you suffer from acne and pigmentation after workouts, or your back and thighs are covered with heat rash, this article will help you get rid of them. We interviewed one of our own, z NEBBIA women, that is our friend, colleague, and personal skin therapist that made us believe in all kinds of miracles. Kristyna Trojanova ...

22.03.2022 12 minutes

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