First day at NEBBIA

First day at NEBBIA

14.06.2021 3 minutes

Reaching your dream job meant going through a difficult selection process. You got hired for this job and that is a big success, but your hard work does not end here. Especially not here at NEBBIA. However, your first day will help you make sense of things. You will meet your new colleagues with an infectious amount of energy. Read about the first day at NEBBIA.

Right away, I have to tell you that I am the latest addition to NEBBIA myself, so you can be sure that this article is authentic. I got the chance to improve in what I enjoy most - copywriting and creativity.

Onboarding with everyone

Already during the interview, I found out that the NEBBIA employees are true team players. My first day only strengthened that observation. The onboarding started right in the morning with the company introduction by the HR specialist, Patrik. Patrik described the current direction of the company and its shared values: responsibility, openness, mutual respect and focus on goals.

Ten-minute visits to every department followed. This time with new colleagues enabled me to learn about the departments professionally and personally. It is not just “sales” or “accounting”. All such words hide the same hard-working people such as me. I found out about their everyday challenges, responsibilities and fields of activity.

The NEBBIA gene

After this excursion,NEBBIA would also get under your skin. Here, responsibility, discipline, and focus on performance mesh with optimism, a family atmosphere and a highly motivational environment in a unique way. A gene called “growth” is encoded in the company DNA and it shows every day.

Growth is expected from everyone. We live in fast-paced times and the coronavirus pandemic also taught us that only those who adapt can survive and thrive. NEBBIA provides you with resources and space to grow in a field that you enjoy.

What is the boss like?

After the welcome interview with the CEO, Martin Pecko, I was sure that NEBBIA is going strong. Big global goals, international departments, constant new projects and important clients. It is an incredibly dynamic environment that requires goal-oriented people. However, Martin assured me about cooperation and open communication - his door is always open for us, whether we want to go through a problem or have a suggestion for improvement.

First assignments and trust

As lunchtime came, I had a new chance to meet the new collective. Due to the onboarding, I did not feel isolated anymore and was on first-name basis with a few colleagues. Just like in any family, the kitchen is the center stage for all activity and friendly discussions. My colleagues also showed me to the garden, where employees go during warm days to have lunch and/or coffee together.

And then, it all started. I got my own Mac and started receiving my first work assignments. My first texts that will be seen by thousands, influence sales and campaign performance. Did I mention that they trust you here? You made it through the test, the interview, and now, you have your first chance to show what hides inside you.

Changes that take us further

On the first day in a company that attracts and brings together the best people in their fields, you may be as overwhelmed as I was. However, the motivating environment will charge you with positive energy and a desire to show what beautiful and useful things you can create.

Big changes will happen in the lives of each and every one of us. Changes that will completely unroot us and plant us in a different environment. Whether we will grow there or not, that depends on us.

  • Come and grow with us: A new beginning and new challenges may be waiting for a person like you in NEBBIA.

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