Celebrate with us the achievements of women around the world. We bring you interviews with amazing women who have shared with us their experiences and the challenges they have faced during their fitness journey. Do today's women also face gender stereotypes or discrimination? Read what it means to be a woman in the fitness world in 2024, straight from our ambassadors.We spoke to ...

27.02.2024 7 minutes

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Meet our new ambassador: Kyron Holden

A man who triumphed over Erin Banks in Men's Physique at the Legion Sports Fest Pro 2023. This stirred up quite an interesting commotion, as he defeated the reigning Men's Physique Olympia 2022 champion. With this accomplishment, he secured a ticket to Mr. Olympia 2023, with the designation of a new strong opponent. We couldn't miss out on his drive, determination, and competitiveness. So, we proudly introduce our new ambassador. Read the interview...

22.01.2024 2 minutes

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Quick Power Snacks to Boost Your Energy

Do you need a fast and effective way to recharge before your workout? These delicious snacks aren't just tasty but also full of nutrients to fuel your performance. Get ready for an instant return of vitality!Beetroot Spread ToastsIngredients: 200 - 300g beets (pasteurized)70g ricotta cheese80g...

18.01.2024 1 minute

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How to meal prep and keep your meals fresh in the fridge!

Meal prep is not just the practice of pre-cooking meals for one or more days, it's a way of life for many of us. It allows us to manage our diet in an effective, cost-saving and healthy way so we can build better routines and keep track of our calories.Stick to these rules! Always plan ahead! Prepare a weekly plan and shopping list. Create a routine and each Sunday or Wednesday meal-prep for the next 3-4...

10.01.2024 4 minutes

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Christmas treats with Denisa and Klaudia. Prepare them yourself.

Looking for new recipes to liven up your Christmas table? We've selected 2 healthy and quick treats for you, which we tested together with Denisa Tran Vanova and Klaudia Mikitkova....

19.12.2023 2 minutes

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Facts and Myths about Diet in the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy with Nina Velická

Diet in pregnancy is crucial for the healthy development of the baby and the well-being of the mother, especially for active women who want to be in good shape during this joyful period. Our pregnant NEBBIA girl, Nina Velická, has some important tips for you. Follow our trilogy of blog posts Trimester by Trimester to find out what...

07.12.2023 4 minutes

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Sustainable fashion in active wear

The time when we ignored the environmental impact of our consumption is long gone. Increasingly, we’re looking for clothes that do not burden our environment too much. At NEBBIA, we believe that sustainable fashion should be affordable for all. But not as a trend, but as a conviction. Sustainability in...

27.11.2023 2 minutes

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Clash of the Titans, Emotions and Winners of Mr. Olympia 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

After a year, we were once again eagerly waiting to see who would win Mr. Olympia. Orlando, Florida has become the epicentre of bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. The 59th year marked a new stage in history, with the best bodybuilders of the world competing on it. Take a look with us at who dominated the stage and what unexpected reversals the Olympia Weekend did bring.Our social media was full of posts that you won’t find anywhere else. We want you to feel the...

03.11.2023 5 minutes

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OLYMPIA WEEKEND: Roelly Winklaar On Who Will Be The Winners

Olympia Weekend – the most awaited bodybuilding event of the year where the best of the best meet. We asked legendary bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar, who has also made a name for himself as the people’s champ, directly about his remarks on this event and the shape of the athletes. He has fought his way to the top and knows this tough and uncompromising competition inside out. He told us about his tip for winners, the newcomers and the shape...

25.10.2023 3 minutes

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Maureen Blanquisco: Details About My Preparation for the Biggest Bodybuilding Competition

Getting to the top of the bodybuilding world – Mr. Olympia – is always difficult and full of unexpected challenges. How is the 2022 Bikini Fitness Olympia champ Maureen Blanquisco getting prepared? In the interview, she reveals how she overcomes challenges and what it takes to fulfil her dreams in the world of...

24.10.2023 3 minutes

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What You Should Know About NEBBIA Clothing

At NEBBIA, we’ve always believed that the true quality of what you wear during training isn’t just about materials and design. It’s about knowing the real needs of those who exercise daily, just like you. Fitness, even bodybuilding, is not an easy sport. It’s even more important for us to provide you with support and the best product. That’s the way we do it. Our goal. And on the way to its accomplishment,...

20.10.2023 4 minutes

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Carrot and Beetroot Magic On a Plate. Three Healthy Recipes You’ll Love

Health and taste can go hand in hand! We bring you three quick recipes based on your favourite vegetables. From sweet pancakes to fragrant crepes, they combine nutritional value with a great taste. Get inspired by our NEBBIA Girls Klaudia and ...

18.10.2023 1 minute

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7 Criteria for Choosing a Woman’s Sweatshirt You Will Love

Do you know the feeling when you put on a nice and warm sweatshirt? It’s really a unique feeling. Women’s sweatshirts are a favourite staple in every woman’s wardrobe, offering a wide range of styles and features for a wide range of activities, from casual cuts to various sports and fitness activities where more and more emphasis is placed on compression material. They provide the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. We’ve...

10.10.2023 4 minutes

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Healthy, Stress-Free Movement: Listen to Your Body During Training

As part of our NEBBIA ACADEMY Talks – Women to Women, we held another lecture, this time on the topic of Movement and Psyche. Barbora Dávidová...

10.10.2023 3 minutes

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Interview with Lucia Mikušová: How to grow on social media as a fitness influencer

Curious about how some people can become social media stars? We chose one of our own that proved it. Almost a million fans follow her passion for fitness. For many, she has become a true icon and helps them make decisions. Want to know how she managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers in less than a year? Talented fitness influencer ...

06.10.2023 5 minutes

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PFAS in Textiles: Beware the Hidden Threat in Your Clothing

Our leggings are safe. If you have your favourite NEBBIA pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, you can wear them without worry. They do not contain PFAS or any other harmful chemicals. We are one of the brands that emphasise the quality and safety of their products. We choose innovative and safe fabrics. This allows us to provide you with clothing that is tailored to your needs and, more importantly,...

26.09.2023 3 minutes

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Sports Bra: Guide to Maximum Support and Comfort

An active lifestyle brings benefits to your health and well-being. However, it also comes with the need to choose the right fitness attire that allows you to engage in physical activity without worries. One of the key pieces of your outfit is the sports bra. It provides support, comfort, and freedom of movement even during demanding workouts. Let's explore how to choose a sports bra that will support you in every...

11.09.2023 7 minutes

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Healthy Eating and Dieting: Current Trends According to Nutritionist Zuzana Líšková

Each one of us has a relationship with food. Some love it and crave gastronomic experiences. Others perceive it merely as a necessary way to fill the stomach and replenish energy. In any case, food provides us with much more - nutrients and components beneficial for our health. Healthy eating is a way to incorporate these valuable meal components into our bodies. Ever-changing trends in the field of nutrition lead us to experiment with ...

04.09.2023 2 minutes

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Gymnastics and Strength Training. Combine them in your workout plan like Lucka Mikušová

The combination of gymnastics and strength training might sound unusual at first glance. But what if we told you that this combination could be the key to achieving your fitness goals? Overcome myths such as gymnastics not being suitable for fitness enthusiasts and discover the true value of balancing flexibility and strength.Differences Between Gymnastics and Strength...

09.08.2023 4 minutes

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Simple Pear Pie with Fragrant Cinnamon

Do you have a sweet tooth? Bake a pear pie, which is really easy to prepare. The base is juicy pears and cinnamon, which will help to create a Christmas atmosphere even in the summer. We also include the nutritional values in the recipe so you can keep your snacking under control.INGREDIENTS:DOUGH:160g spelt flour1 tbsp xylitolpinch of salt100g butter1 tbsp vinegara little cold...

03.08.2023 1 minute

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Know your leggings. Choose the best fit for you!

Imagine this. Perfectly fitting leggings that hug your body and feel like second skin. No rolling down, no discomfort. You focus on your performance. It’s just you and your goal without distractions. We get it, it’s hard to find gym wear that supports you and withstands even extreme training conditions. That’s why we made it easy for you and came up with a complete guide to leggings. High waist or mid waist, compressive or flexible - we...

01.08.2023 3 minutes

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Diastasis: What It Is and How to Manage It

Diastasis – the bogey not only of women – is the divergence of the straight abdominal muscles, which appears as a ridge running down the midline of the abdomen. Neither diets nor exercise can help us recover from it. It mainly occurs in women after childbirth, but also in young people, athletes and parents of young children. What are its symptoms and how to beat it?This condition of the abdominal muscles is known medically...

21.07.2023 8 minutes

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Traditional Recipe for Chickpea Hummus

Can’t find the right and tasty hummus recipe? Prepare it according to our recipe and amaze your spouse and friends. All you need is 10 minutes of your time and 8 ingredients. Make sure you have a powerful blender and enjoy a nutritionally balanced breakfast or party snack.Ingredients for four servings of hummus:400g canned chickpeas40g onion1 clove of garlic (or to taste)2g cumin48g...

20.07.2023 1 minute

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Super-Quick Spinach Gnocchi with Cheese Sauce

Prepare a meatless lunch that pleases your taste buds and doesn’t put a strain on your body. Spinach gnocchi with three cheeses can be prepared really quickly and you’ll have time to relax. Or to prepare a pear glass jar?Ingrediencie per four...

10.07.2023 1 minute

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Quick and Healthy Chocolate Recipes from NEBBIA Girls

Chocolate – a sweet that brings us joy and pleasure. Try the world’s favourite sweet in our NEBBIA Girls’ favourite recipes. And that’s completely without remorse. We add the nutritional values to our chocolate recipes, so you can eat sweets and still be fit.Kidney Bean Brownies by KlaudiaINGREDIENTS:1 can of red beans (240 g)1 ripe banana (130 g)1 egg20g cocoa30g...

07.07.2023 1 minute

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