​5 exercises for him: Exercise correctly and effectively!

​5 exercises for him: Exercise correctly and effectively!

23.04.2021 3 minutes

Every exercise demands a proper technique that needs to be maintained. This will help you avoid unnecessary injuries and make your workouts more effective. With the proper technique, you will focus on the correct muscles and see the results of your effort much faster. In this article, we will teach you 5 exercises, which you will also find in our home workout programme.


Rounded back, dancing knees and lifted heels are among the most common mistakes you can see at the gym. Those are rookie mistakes, especially during leg workouts. Watch how to squat properly.

Stand with legs a bit wider than your shoulders. Rotate the tips of your feet outward slightly. Strengthen your core and push your hips backwards and down as you inhale, then bend your knees and keep lowering downward until your thighs are parallel to the floor. The back stays straight, your torso upright and your gaze stays in front of you. Flex your glutes and follow the same trajectory back up. Remember, the knees keep “looking” in the same direction as your toes, they are stable and in the same line as your shins.

  • Our tips! If your heels keep lifting, put weights underneath them.


Stand with your legs shoulder-width and toes pointing straight in front of you. Strengthen your core and take a big step back. Lower your pelvis down so that your front thigh becomes parallel to the floor and your lower knee touches it gently. Keep your weight in your front leg and use the back one only to stay balanced (and do not forget to anchor your foot!). Flex the glute in your front leg and pull your back leg back. Then repeat with the other leg.

  • Out tips! Is leg day a small celebration for you? Celebrate by wearing men’s NEBBIA Legday Hero shorts.

Narrow triceps push-ups

Triceps push-ups are a variation of the narrow grip bench press. The same rule applies - the slower the negative phase, the more you get out of the exercise.

Come into a plank position with your hands at shoulder-width or a bit closer. Slowly lower down while keeping your core strong and neck extended through your spine. Gently touch your thumbs on the ground with your chest, then push your hands against the floor and push back up smoothly. The elbows naturally aim outwards and back during the entire process.

  • Our tips! Elbows have a natural position during every exercise. Either they mirror your torso or aim gently outward. However, you should never rotate them outward too much.

Pike push-ups

You might not know about this exercise, but you will give your arms and shoulders a great workout.

Get into the “V” position, keeping your knees straight and putting your hands a little wider than your shoulders. Slowly lower down at an angle in front of where your hands are until you reach roughly a 90-degree angle in your elbow. Push against the ground and follow the same trajectory into the reverse “V”. Keep your back straight for the entire time, it may be tempting to round it when you get to the lower position.

  • Our tips! Regardless if you are doing push-ups or standing, focus on keeping a neutral pelvis. Do not stick your bottom out and do not bend at the waist.


Just hold the plank and a proper workout is assured. It is considered one of the basic exercises for a strong core and stability. Learn how to do it right once and reap the benefits forever.

Get into a pushup position and lower down to your elbows, which are directly under your shoulders. Straighten your legs, straighten your back and keep your pelvis straight and a bit lower than neutral. Imagine a straight line that goes up at an angle from your pelvis to your head. Your neck is extended through your spine. Pull your shoulder blades apart and your shoulders away from the ears. Imagine that you are pushing something towards your feet with your elbows.That will help you engage your abs better.

  • Our tips! Keep your whole back straight - do not engage in hyperlordosis and do not lift your bottom, the shoulder blades must not protrude.

Do 10-15 reps of all of the exercises, and hold the plank for 1 minute, then repeat for 3 or 4 series. Take 1-minute breaks between the series.

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