7 Most Popular Fitness Poses on Instagram

7 Most Popular Fitness Poses on Instagram

09.09.2020 2 minutes
Not every selfie is created equal. When you snap a picture with a goal to publish on social media, you're automatically open to public reaction, and will instantly realize its success or failure in terms of popularity. And for this reason, we decided to dive in to the world of fitness  posing and fashion selfies and do a little analysis on our own Instagram profile that features tons of user generated content and professional photography to find the secret behind what makes a post popular. We’re not going to get into the Instagram algorithms and other more complicated matters when it comes to engagement; we just simply look at what types of selfies and photographs have a general tendency to make it.

The following examples are not rules of thumb, but perhaps just interesting observations. Take what you want, take it lightly, but remember - your own particular aesthetic and creative angle is what makes you unique and inspirational. And last but not least, do not underestimate the power of a good caption. Funny, entertaining, relevant, metaphorical, creative, perhaps a slice of your personal story.....if you strike the right tone, it can make or break the post.


1. Locker Room Selfie

Believe it or not, the locker room selfies are some of the most popular posts on our feed. Not exactly sure why...it could be the wall to wall mirrors, timelessness of locker rooms, post workout euphoria ....So, after a great session when you're full of endorphins, why not snap a cute selfie to document your progress? We totally approve.


2. Workout Snapshot

For us, this is what it's all about. You're actually working out and inspiring others to do the same. So, ask a friend to snap you when you're in your element, followers totally dig it and you sure get a ton of likes.


3. The Hard Earned Derriere Pic

Oh well, not surprised here, a good behind always makes a popular post. So, if you're a proud owner of great glutes, you'd better snap it in every body-hugging outfit you rock.



4. Flex'em Selfie

For pro fitness athletes, this one should be easy. Strike a fitness pose and you're a NEBBIA superstar. 


5. Group Photo

Gather all your friends, choose a good background, make some thoughtful poses, and you're guaranteed to multiply the impact of your post. It's a proven fact.


6. Couples or BFFs Photo

We love fitness couples and BFFs that workout together. And so do our followers, seems like:) 

7. Mirror Selfie

Does it happen to you that before buying clothes you actually consider how they'll look on Instagram? Well, for many of us, it's exactly the case as we are big fans of the mirror selfies. The reason is simple: it offers complete control over everything, from the pose to the lighting to the angle. 

If we you got inspired, we're happy. And from now on never hesitate to tag NEBBIA for the chance to be featured on our Instagram profile. Looking forward to seeing all those fitness poses and happy moments from your workouts!