Celebrate NEBBIA’s 24th birthday by training in Limited Birthday Edition

Celebrate NEBBIA’s 24th birthday by training in Limited Birthday Edition

24.08.2021 2 minutes

We are growing thanks to YOU! At NEBBIA, this is not just an empty cliché, but a fact. You are our inspiration, we want to know your opinion and we want every woman to be able to reach her full potential - whether in or outside the gym. We want to take this time to celebrate our common successes, and to thank you for your hard work, determination and loyalty to the brand NEBBIA. Our "Thank you" is this beautiful Birthday Limited Edition - each set has a unique serial number. All pieces are original, just like you!

What have we accomplished together?

Together, we have grown enormously over the past few years. We are constantly striving to expand the fitness community, we want to spread the idea of physical and mental strength, fitness and balance. And there are reasons to be proud:

  • Thanks to the collaboration with the Spanish company SEAQUAL and your interest in ecology, we have removed 8 TONS OF PLASTICS from the seas and oceans.
  • In cooperation with ZIVA, we have placed workout boxes in 7 cities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic that you can train with and push your limits.
  • Thanks to the NEBBIA & OLYMPIA partnership, you are closer to the bodybuilding legends for 6 years in a row now.
  • Since 1997, you have been training, falling and getting up, growing and moving with the support of NEBBIA.

Stand out from the crowd!

The Limited birthday edition is the result of several months of preparation by our designer Stanka. This year's NEBBIA birthday was a great opportunity for Stanka to express her creative side. Stanka has once again proved that there are no limits to what is possible, both in design and life. Colorful shades of blue and yellow complement the elegant black. Together, they create a stylish combination that will help you stand out from the crowd and shout without words: "I belong to NEBBIA!"

You will find the best sparring partner in this very first limited edition from NEBBIA. The set is made from our POWER material, whose technical properties will take your training to the next level. Both the leggings and top effectively wick away sweat, dry quickly and adapt to any body type and training intensity. They will become your second skin, fully capable of copying all your movements. You will leave the gym with an unforgettable experience!

Thought out to the smallest detail

Don't miss all the smart details of our Limited birthday edition! The leggings are high waisted to narrow your waistline. The sophisticated stitching will beautifully highlight your muscles, especially your thighs and bottom. A heart-shaped design on the bottom and a scrunch butt effect will highlight your curves. The top is double-sided so you can wear it both ways - the front on the back or the back on the chest. The choice is yours. Both sides have a slightly different pattern, so wearing the NEBBIA set will never be boring! Get access to the Limited Birthday Edition now and be one of the 2000 women in the world who have their own original piece with a unique serial number. Register on the website and you will automatically unlock the set.