About us


Stanka and Martin Pecko as a fans of bodybuilding found a company NEBBIA. First collection arise. It contains 4 models and its design, cutting and processing meets the demands of hard training bodybuilders.


Thanks fast growing interest our offer expand about 2 more products. NEBBIA make first export of good outside Slovak republic.


We think also on ladies and expand collection about women's line.


We become number one on Slovakian market. We run a cooperation with well know names from home bodybuilding scene. In our team is Ján Kus - Chamiopn of the world in bodybuilding, Katka Trnovcová - Junior champion of world in bodybuilding and best Slovakian fitness competitor Rado Pagáč.


Collection is updated with new materials. In offer are new products from Lycra, which is fresh new on market. Our customers can buy NEBBIA in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.


Incorrect exceptions of behaviors of buying makes us to manufacture models which are not related with world of fitness. To collection we add thermal underwear, functional jackets, outdoor pants.

2004 - 2011

Problematic season :) We are searching for a place for NEBBIA on market.


We got it! Our hearts belongs to fitness and bodybuilding, we like that. We like people, which as we do, like this sport and we want to make the clothing for them. From offer we remove everything what's not connected with fitness/bodybuilding and we stop working with our retail partners which don't have fitness stores.


Colletion is improving, to our offer we're adding untypical models and NEBBIA start sets the trends. We're building new NEBBIA Team and slowly we're showing us in the right light on shows and expos.


NEBBIA do export of products to 20 countries of world including USA and Russia. We're signing contract with first PRO Bodybuilder (Sami AlHaddad).


Our team is loaded with stars! NEBBIA became official athlete wear of MR Olympia weekend !!! On market is bikini collection and we dress most of top bikini competitors. We'r number one in East Europa and fast expanding to other markets.

2018 :)

NEBBIA is TOP on fitness market.


Billing informations

Grösslingová 17
Bratislava 811 09

IČO: 45 552 401
DIČ: 2023181457
IČ DPH: SK2023181457


Dlhá 85
010 09 Žilina

NEBBIA SK s.r.o., Grösslingová 17, Bratislava 811 09, +421 907 742 148, support@nebbia.biz
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