Get Stage Ready in 30 Days: The Surprising Truth about Fitness Preparation (VIDEO)

Get Stage Ready in 30 Days: The Surprising Truth about Fitness Preparation (VIDEO)

29.01.2022 1 minute

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to prepare for a bodybuilding or fitness competition? NEBBIA ambassador Rebeka Dudusova had two competing seasons in 2021 and she was able to get a handful of prizes. We have accompanied her during the 30 days before Grand Prix Dubnica. Follow the journey of a contestant who wants to step on the bodybuilding stage prepared and in the best form.

The preparation before a competition isn’t exactly a walk in the park in any sport. It gets even harder in bodybuilding and fitness since one must perform under a high-calorie deficit. Rebeka started the prep in an optimistic way, but after 3 weeks of strict dieting, she started experiencing fatigue. She didn´t give up though, remained disciplined, and showed an incredible physique on the stage!

NEBBIA puts a lot of passion for bodybuilding into its products. It’s also why, for the last 7 years, we proudly dress and support all Olympia athletes. Our fitness clothing represents the core values of bodybuilding: hard work, discipline, and determination. We are overjoyed that Rebeka joined our team, and together we can motivate more people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Find out what a 30-day transformation from a gym girl into a contestant in women body fitness competition looks like. Get motivated thanks to the determined our #NEBBIAgirl Rebeka Dudusova