NEBBIA: We produce for people with a passion for fitness

NEBBIA: We produce for people with a passion for fitness

28.06.2021 2 minutes

Sometimes, people may deviate from their path. They will lose motivation to reach their goals. We will share a secret with you, thanks to which we always stay focused. At NEBBIA, we go our own way and we always have a clear attitude in upcoming challenges - we never forget about the reason why we started. At NEBBIA, the answer is always YOU!

We live for fitness. We create for you.

At NEBBIA, we ask ourselves the question "WHY?" from the very beginning. With each new product. With each decision, smaller or bigger. The answer is always the same. You are the answer! Our goal is to produce first-class fitness clothing for people who do not settle for less. They love the feeling of pumping iron and are determined to beat their old "selves" every day. NEBBIA is about a passion for fitness and constant growth. When you wear NEBBIA, the clothes will say it for you - you're fitness positive!

We work with the best to make you the best

We have teamed up with The Olympia - the greatest bodybuilding event in the world - which is a great honour, and at the same time, we perceive it as a continuation of our commitment to you. Being a sponsor of athlete clothing at The Olympia allows us to test products that meet the highest requirements and professional standards.

We dress the champions so that you receive only the best fitness clothing for your training

We think about how every detail can help you move further and support you in your training. We choose very specific materials to provide you with space for maximum freedom of movement. The fabrics are resistant to abrasion, sweat-wicking, and durable to last you several seasons. Our suppliers come from European countries: Italy, Spain and Portugal, and our production is all European. We want NEBBIA fitness wear to be worn with pride - we are a purely European brand that originated in the heart of Europe and we design and produce every single piece in Europe.

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Joe Weider's reference

This year, we remember the year 1965, when the very first Mr. Olympia event took place. Its founder, Joe Weider, once said, "Only the humble and ambitious are destined to succeed." We understand that you have many ups and downs, but let's all recall the roots of this wonderful sport, bodybuilding. Respect your own beginnings, always remember the answer to the question "Why?" and you will never stop. Don't forget that your determination strengthens and motivates us. We know you won't let us down. You are NEBBIA.