Academy Talks

Gesunde, stressfreie Bewegung: Höre beim Training auf deinen Körper

Im Rahmen unserer NEBBIA ACADEMY Talks – Von Frauen für Frauen gab es einen weiteren Vortrag, dieses Mal zum Thema Bewegung und Psyche. Barbora Dávidová, eine Mentorin von Frauen, führte uns in dieses Thema ein.Barbora betreibt seit zehn Jahren ein...

10.10.2023 3 minutes


Gesunde Ernährung und Diäten: Aktuelle Trends von Ernährungswissenschaftlerin Zuzana Líšková

Jeder Mensch hat eine Beziehung zum Essen. Manche lieben es und sehnen sich nach gastronomischen Erlebnissen. Für andere ist es nur ein notwendiges Mittel, um den Magen zu füllen und die Energiereserven aufzufüllen. Auf jeden Fall versorgt uns das Essen mit so viel mehr. Nämlich Nährstoffe und Nahrungsbestandteile, die unserer Gesundheit zuträglich sind. Gesunde Ernährung ist ein Weg, um diese wertvollen Nahrungsbestandteile in unseren Körper...

04.09.2023 3 minutes


Yoga For a Sore Back. Six Benefits That Will Improve Your Health

  Nowadays, when most of our work is done in front of a computer, a sedentary lifestyle is becoming our everyday reality. But the more time we spend sitting, the more we damage our health. According to the World Health Organization, more than 60% of the world’s adult population suffers from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the official definition, the average individual engages in less than 90 minutes of physical activity per...

24.03.2023 4 minutes


Myth or Fact? We Looked at Common Preconceptions About Sedentary Work

According to statistics, approximately 40.7% of people in Slovakia have sedentary work and half of them sit for an average of eight hours a day. Sedentary work and our lifestyle are often associated with a variety of health problems that affect the quality of our life. The most common problems reported by people working sedentary is lower and upper back pain, shoulder pain, elbows pain and wrists pain. We often tend to associate...

28.02.2023 3 minutes


Self-love and healthy self-esteem

Valentine’s Day is here and we are surrounded on all sides by love. We therefore come with the topic of relationships. And our life makes them even more important. If we don’t have happy relationships, we don’t live a happy life. And so we are mostly struggling with how to improve our current relationships. This applies to all relationships – in partnership, family, friendship and work. But what few people realise...

14.02.2023 3 minutes


10 Rules Of a Healthy Lifestyle

Lenka Havlíček, nutritional coach, yoga instructor and fitness trainer in one, will explain how the most effective observance of ten simple rules, which are naturally the best lifestyle for our body, can manifest in practice. Our ancient ancestors naturally followed the rules of a healthy lifestyle that were in accordance with the "programming" of the human body. These rules worked perfectly for people tens of thousands...

06.01.2023 12 minutes


Diastasis: Find Out if You Belong to a Risk Group.

On Thursday, October 10, we launched the first NEBBIA ACADEMY Talks: Women to Women. If you haven’t caught on to what exactly diastasis is, we would be happy to give you a brief introduction to this project that is close to our hearts. NEBBIA employs many women in various positions. We often reach out to you through social media, newsletters and blog posts like this one. No matter how hard we try, online communication...

21.11.2022 4 minutes