Day In the Life of Social Media Manager

Day In the Life of Social Media Manager

11.11.2020 4 minutes

There’s never a dull moment in the NEBBIA office. This is true for the entire team regardless of a department - design, production, sales, marketing, retail, accounting, or administration - and I can confidently say that we all share a passion for the dynamics of the industry and our professional endeavors.

In this section titled The Day In The Life, we will be introducing individual members of the NEBBIA team and share with you the secrets of their day to day professional activities. We want to start off with a young lady whose occupation may seem like a fun job for many - Social Media & Influencer Manager, Veronika.

Veronika joined the NEBBIA team last year and quickly jumped into the ropes of social media and influencer marketing. Not an easy endeavor because of the large fan base and frequency of posting on NEBBIA's social media channels. But first, let's mention a bit of a NEBBIA history with influencer marketing.

When did NEBBIA start with influencer marketing?

2015 really was the year we began to see influencers gaining major traction. All of a sudden people started following feeds belonging to strangers they’d never met – opinion-makers, celebrities, individuals with a fit body, enviable style, impeccable beauty. It was also the year we began to hear the term “influencer marketing” and a new job title - Influencer Manager - was born. Since then, social media and influencer marketing has been a significant part of NEBBIA's marketing strategy. And with the rise of an influencer status, growth of the fitness industry, and popularity of fashionable activewear, our NEBBIA ambassador family is growing exponentially every month. And as every family needs to be organized, we have a team in place to manage the day to day communication, promotional activities, new requests, and existing collaborations with NEBBIA ambassadors.

The Typical Day

6 am: I try to wake up but more likely will hit snooze a couple of times before I actually do. The first thing I need to do even before I get my first coffee is to publish a morning post so it reaches our fans in all time zones. Most of the time I have the content drafted, so it is a matter of minutes to publish. Then I continue with my terrible habit of scrolling through Instagram whilst still in bed which takes about 10-15 minutes. After I get my dose of what's happening, I get on with the day. Shower, coffee, exercise, ride to work.

8 am: I get to the office, do small talk with colleagues and check my emails, and most importantly, Instagram DMs. Usually, there are about 80 unread DMs that I need to respond to. On average I process around 200 requests daily from NEBBIA talent and fans with questions about the product, contests, collabs, and content. Especially during a campaign or the launch of a new product, the communication can get intense and completely absorbs me. I think that being responsive is super important, and I strive to get back to everyone within 24 hours. Good communication is integral to the success of our business and that's why it takes up the majority of my day.

12:30 pm: In addition to taking care of the influencer communication I need to plan NEBBIA's social media calendar and posting. This is where it gets creative - how to schedule the content so it doesn't get boring? Is it visually appealing? Do we have a good ratio of photos and videos? What can I do to increase engagement? Does the caption work for this type of post? These are just some of the key issues I think about and then plan accordingly. I quickly brainstorm with the marketing team and prepare posts for next week. I manage several social media accounts including our country pages, retail profiles, and the official account, so there is plenty of copywriting and translations to do.

2 pm: I pop into a photoshoot to meet & greet the talent and get some documentation for social media - aka stories. This enables me to have a hands-on approach to the influencer collaborations we undertake and ensure I’m available for my talent to assist when necessary.

3 pm: I attend a brainstorming meeting for the drop of a new men's collection. We discuss ideas about the concept of the campaign, the selection of talent, planning of a photoshoot, locations, and many small but important details. I absolutely love the new men's collection and believe it is going to be commercially successful but it still needs a good campaign and message to spread the news.

4:15 pm: More emails! My work is both proactively reaching out to influencers about potential collaborations, as well as responding to the multiple incoming requests.

9:00 pm: Last-minute email check before signing off in case of any emergencies.

10:00 pm: The last scroll through Instagram of my talent’s pages, ensuring everything is on track when it comes to the content they produce for NEBBIA.

10:30 pm: Netflix, Prosecco and then bed!