Dennis Johansen

Dennis Johansen

01.01.2018 1 minute

Dennis is a competitive person by nature who is driven by progress. He is originally Kenyan, but raised in Norway since a toddler. Bodybuilding was never his goal, but a sport he stumbled upon. He started lifting weights at age 16 to perform better as a basketball player. A great physique was just a by-product of the hard work. Unlike basketball, he saw fitness as an endless journey, where it takes decades to reach the true potential. He quickly got hooked by the sport and it fitted perfectly for his personality and lifestyle. Disciplined, structured and a goal to stay fit and healthy for longevity.

What are your career highlights?

2x Elite Pro Champion

2018 Elite Pro World Championship 2nd

2018 Arnold Classic Africa Pro 2nd

2018 Elite Pro Madrid 2nd

2017 Milano Pro 2nd

What are your words to live by?
To become successful, you have to to form an incredible work ethic, be open minded for new ways, never spend time chasing others, but always be in pursuit of becoming the best version of you.

What is your proudest sporting moment?
Winning the 2016 European Championship

What is your guilty pleasure?

What is your biggest fear?

What is your way of relaxing?
Snowboarding, Surfing and Reading. Also passionate for basketball and tech.

Who is your biggest influence or inspiration?
So many people, but Steve Cook is the biggest.

What are your favorite NEBBIA products?

AW Singlet 725

AW Atypical T-shirt 722

AW Asymmetrical Hoodie 721

AW Joggers 719

Hard Singlet Hood 372

Athletic Logo 730

Leggings Camo AW 115