Exclusive Bubble Butt Pants: Why they are so amazing and what you should know about them?!

Exclusive Bubble Butt Pants: Why they are so amazing and what you should know about them?!

02.12.2016 3 minutes


At the beginning there was nothing else than butt :) And alongside there was a desire to draw the attention to one of the most beautiful parts of female body. After all, every woman, who works hard on her appearance, wants to show it, let it stand out and be proud of it. Well, of course, without the right audience it wouldn’t be of the desired effect. The compliment from a man to a woman’s butt, when she‘s passing by, will immediately put a smile on her face and raise her self confidence :) And with the coming trend of Brazilian butts there arrived many „gimmicks“ for prettier, rounder butt. After all, which one of us would not want to have her butt a little rounder? :) And so the idea was born in Martin’s and Stanka’s minds, the idea about revolutionary pants which would beautifully highlight feminine curves and which would not only be perfect to the gym, but they would mainly be a trendy item that is a „must-have“ in every woman’s wardrobe.

From design to the final product

Our chief designer Stanka made up her mind to design these pants this year. Their design wasn’t a matter of 5 minutes. In the first half of the year she prepared the first prototype. Together with our Tímea Trajteľová they were editing it, trying different cuts and improvements so that the pants would cause the „wow“ effect of which Stanka dreamed from the beginning. Step by step from the point of view of the design the product was finalized and Stanka started testing different types of materials (their resistance, elasticity, washing features, etc.). Finally she decided about 4 different color variants.

Cooperation with celebrities

Of course it was not all yet. It was necessary to test them and hear real opinions from wearing them. From July our very well-known celebrities – Tímea Trajteľová, Valerija Slapnik, Evelien Nellen, Szabína Tóth and even Oksana Grishina – started testing them. We have also gave away few pieces to VIP guests on our birthday party. Based on their opinions final edits were made and pants were ready to be produced :)

Before embarking product on sale we need to do an impressive amount of work that you don’t see, but it is an essential part of every single item. From the very creation of product, packaging, pricing, creating all graphic and promotional materials to packing and warehouse stacking. The actual photo shooting of each model is also a part of this process too. You would not even know what exactly you are buying without it. This is what we would like to show you from the „other“side :)

Photo shoot

We have organized the photo shoot of Bubble Butt Pants in connection to our birthday party which was held on 2nd September. We have invited Tímea Trajteľová, Valerija Slapnik, Evelien Nellen and Szabína Tóth not only as our special guests but we also wanted to shoot all color variants and thus prepare materials for promotion. This photo shoot took place in an interesting environment of Zilina station, specifically in a graffiti covered underground. Photos and videos were taken by our colleague Ľubo Pidaný and Luka Pašič, Valerija Slapnik‘s boyfriend. You already had a chance to see our first video on facebook that was shot right here. So that you don’t think that every photo shoot is perfect or boring, we have prepared a video to show you how funny it could sometimes be :)

Interesting facts

  • Stanka created 23 different cut till she made the final one
  • 37 different materials were tested
  • 45 butts were test models
  • 9-member team voted for the name of new pants from 7 name proposals that proceeded to short list
  • the final logo was preceded by about 30 designs

Time is running out and the hoped-for date of 5 December is almost here. Together with it there is also finally the opportunity to get these amazing and unique Bubble Butt Pants. We are sure that this date has already been marked by each of you in your diary (me and the rest of the girls from Nebbia team are no exceptions J ). We all in Nebbia hope that Bubble Butt Pants will also be your most favorite product. Our hearts were already stolen by them :)

P.S.: We can’t wait for your first reactions :)