How To Stay On Healthy Track by VIKTOR VINCZE

How To Stay On Healthy Track by VIKTOR VINCZE

19.12.2020 4 minutes

2020 was definitely one for the books. Difficult is an understatement, and I think you all agree. However, I don’t want to point out all the unprecedented realities of this year, but needless to say, Covid-19 halted many visits to the gym or ruined our eagerness to keep fit. Hand in hand with the lack of athletic activity, either due to sickness or strict government restrictions (closed gyms anyone?) a few have put the healthy lifestyle on the back burner. However, those of you who didn’t give up and trained hard, at home or outdoors, even in freezing temperatures, and kept their discipline with nutrition, definitely deserve recognition and respect. And, I am sure all of you, regardless of how you behaved this year, will find a few of my tips to stay on track during the holidays useful.


This year’s Christmas will definitely be a bit different, however, one tradition remains - it is a family time and hopefully, forever will be. That is the most significant fact that I’d like to emphasize. But based on my personal experience, some of you might feel a bit anxious, especially when it comes to healthy eating vs sharing the traditional holiday food with the family. Although I do pursue a #lunchboxlifestyle of broccoli and steamed chicken throughout the year, during Christmas I definitely take a break from my strict healthy diet. Why don’t we all take the wisdom from the famous proverb that says:

Do not focus on what you eat one day in a year, focus on what you eat the remaining 364 days!

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime the entire year, one family dinner, dessert or small amount of alcohol won’t ruin your progress. All in all, “one small step back might sometimes mean two steps ahead...”


The Covid-reality definitely shook up our immunity and that’s why it is even more important to get yourself a sufficient dose of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, if you do not want to sabotage your fitness progress, do not forget physical activity. Anything counts! Anything that gives you joy, whether it’s a short walk or power training. Go for it! And even if your weight goes up slightly, do not take it too seriously. As soon as it’s possible to dive back into your typical routine, the weight will stabilize.

Focus on how you feel in your own skin, how you see yourself in the mirror, how you look in the picture, how the clothes fit on you.

If you don’t like certain things about yourself, do something about it! If there is something you wish to change, take responsibility. Do not wait for the New Year! If someone offers you a whole plate of cookies, it doesn’t mean you need to eat them all! The same applies to a meal and alcohol.

The Christmas time doesn’t mean that your physical “highlight” should be remote control or a trip from your couch to the kitchen to grab more sweets. Remember, any outdoor activity will strengthen your immune system and freshen up your thoughts. Movement is a cure for many ailments. Pay attention to your digestion as your immunity starts mainly in your gut and digestive tract. If you’re not hungry, simply do not eat.


Intuitive nutrition vs “I eat what I see”. Even though you might be afraid of the potato salad with mayonnaise (traditional Christmas meal in Slovakia) and fried schnitzel, or any traditional Christmas food that is on a heavier side, try to improvise with healthier options (e.g. meat doesn’t have to be fried but baked with less oil, mayo can be substituted with Greek yoghurt, etc.) Also, the cookies and sweets do not have to be sweetened with sugar but a healthier alternative - e.g. Xylitol, Maltitol, Stevia, etc. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a fitness meal contains no calories.


1 avocado 1 egg
180 g oatmeal and/or normal wheat flour
50 g of honey or another sweetener
50 g chocolate pieces
20 g chia

Mix the avocado, add all the other ingredients and mix well. Use the dough to create small balls with wet palms, then form it in cookie shape and place it in a superheated 180degree oven to bake for 10 minutes. Let it cool completely on the plate and then collect in a jar.


Losing or gaining weight depends on the energy input vs energy output. If you provide more energy than the body uses, you’ll automatically create an energy supply - body fat. The most important factor is not to take it too seriously during Christmas and enjoy eating within your own goals and possibilities. And if a serious body goal is your priority, e.g. eating more healthy, getting skinnier, more toned, or buffed, then simply follow your goal and do what you think is best for you. Try not to push your opinion on everyone around you as our goals in life are different and you’ll ruin the most important reality - “peaceful Christmas”

I wish you and your loved ones a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Viktor Vincze