How we deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis situation

How we deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis situation

27.03.2020 2 minutes

Today, probably everyone from a citizen to a huge global company has to deal with this worldwide situation and Nebbia is no exception. I will not lie or play a hero. I'm afraid of the unknown. We all have families and we are afraid if we can get through this without getting sick. That is why we put health protection first in Nebbia and minimized our face-to-face work contacts and activities even before the public recommendations were announced.

Nebbia is where it is today thanks to the team, relationship with customers and partners, and during these days this is precisely priority for us. I am very happy and proud that we do not chase the teamwork spirit as a marketing trick, but that it is something that really happens here. We are not the ones who say how they care about something and do exactly the opposite.

There were many difficult moments in Nebbia's history, and we had to deal with a lot of difficult moments that taught us to act quickly and change things from day to day. The ability to adapt quickly and to make changes is more necessary today than ever before. Our people have rushed into communicating with our fans, customers, whether it being on social networks or by phone. We have set up phone hotlines where you can call us and "shorten" your long time at home.

For most of us time has stopped. We have slowed down from a massive hustle and bustle and suddenly we are more aware of “ordinary” things. We are also more aware of what family and friends mean to us. For us it is the Nebbia family we care about and the community we live in. What is a huge commitment and motivation for us at the same time.

All of our athletes have started with home workout tutorials for you, trying to make your time at home more enjoyable and to motivate you to think about your goals even in uncomfortable times. For that reason, we launched a series of everyday home workout live streams where our athletes train form their homes so you can join them or communicate with them during streaming.

And to do something for the community, our design department has turned into the production of protective masks that we distribute in our neighborhood to those who need it most; we are still looking for ways to help even more. For several days, our managers have been dealing with how we could manufacture the masks in our production in Bulgaria in larger quantities and bring them to Slovakia and distribute them. This is not possible due to state of emergency in Bulgaria as of now, but we are doing everything we can to make it happen!

I wish all of you to get through this in good health!

                                 Maťo, CEO NEBBIA