My trip to New York

My trip to New York

14.09.2017 10 minutes

Why and with whom did I go on this journey? Those of you who are following me know that this year I will take part in the world's most prestigious bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia. I see this participation as an absolute privilege, moreover because of my age and the speed with which I have managed to get to this top of the world. I'm really looking forward to it, and I know I will enjoy it to the fullest! However, as at all previous competitions, I want to get the most out of this, to win the best place and to move further with my career. I take it as a great new beginning. Therefore, this also carries some concerns. What would they say about me when I am a novice at this competition? How will they look at me as a foreigner from Europe? They have to know about me before Olympia! This was my primary thought to minimize these threats. I thought about taking a part in the US competitions throughout the year and show all of them that they need to take Kmostak into consideration too.

My career has given me the opportunity to meet people who are able to help me and support me in these situations. One of them is Igor Kopcek. He recommended me instead of going to the competitions, visiting one of the most famous coaches in the USA, an experienced judge, the owner of the famous Bevs Francis Power House Gymu, Steve Weinberger whose advice is alleged to be unpaid. And, among other things, this journey to New York was especially about it.

All this, just like the preparation for Olympia, could not be done without the support of my exclusive sponsor NEBBIA. By this I would like to thank Nebbia for everything!

So Nebbia made it real for me to go to New York, accompanied by a great photographer Luka Pasic. We both were really looking forward to this trip. We will visit the East Coast Mecca of bodybuilding, take photos in the most beautiful places in New York! But we didn’t expect it to be a journey full of falls and complications ...

The first and very crucial complication occurred at 4 am when we went to Prague to the car with the intention of going to the airport. In front of Luka's eyes the thief stole things from his car. The sequel was like from a thriller :D Dagger, chase, knives, escape, police, interference, police dog, protocol writing, hours of delay, missed flight ... Yes, this was our Saturday morning: D

The worst finding was to find out how airlines operate today and what thief system they have set up. Because it wasn’t our fault that we have missed our flight, and we had the appropriate protocols from the police, we expected it would not be a problem to solve this situation, get on a different plane and make a transfer in London (only 6 hours). Unfortunately, we lost a complete flight reservation. The only option was to book the ticket and it cost twice more than the original ticket... unreal. However, NEBBIA has shown in this situation how strong partner it is and that it is more than just a sponsor. It is a long time ago that they had a great interest in supporting me, and of course, it was in my interest too, but now they have confirmed it. Instead of my expectations, they found another option to get us to the US and the next day we started again. We were waiting for a 16-hour transfer in Munich, which we enjoyed on the benches but we didn’t complain, we used this situation for making some goods photos.

In the morning, they finally opened the airport restaurants and after 4 days being at 0 carbs I had scheduled carbs day! It is necessary to present yourself with a great shape in NY! Yeah, this morning made me a really happy man! Bon appetit!

On Monday evening, we finally arrived in NY, picked up a rental car and set off for a journey to our apartment! Damn, that NY is bigger than I’ve expected! We arrived at the apartment late in the evening and we knew immediately that there was nothing to be done about my planned training. The only thing to do was to grab something to eat and go to sleep so we can use the other day for 100%!

Due to past circumstances, our stay in NY has been reduced to just 3 days. But even in such a short time, many can be done! And we did it. We decided to dedicate the first day of this trip to Steve Weinberger's. And this day showed us much more than this. At first that transportation in NY combined with a distance from the gym limits our planned activities even more. When Steve saw the mistakes I make, he showed me what and how to train and what I have to improve, and that I need to come the next day for re-check, this showed us that even the next day in NY will be mainly dedicated to the visit of the gym. But the most important finding was that at home, at our gyms, we are such pigs!!! Visiting Bevs Francis Power House Gymu was a great experience! So many machines, tools and accessories, so many dumbbells and discs! Still, everything was at its place, nowhere else. Absolutely incredible! I'm looking forward to being able to train again here!

I was impressed by Steve's great collage of articles, photos from newspapers, photos with acquaintances and great celebrities from bodybuilding world. Their signatures and thank-you messages. Steve is more capable than I ever knew, and almost every man on the world fitness and bodybuilding scene passed through his hands. I was excited that my time has come and I will be able to meet him personally.

Steve quickly took this excitement when we finally met and went to see my posing. From what I thought about my presentation, that is not my strength, there was practically nothing good left. Bad, bad, bad ... He showed me so many things where I have to work harder till Olympia. And it was not just "bullshit" as somebody might think. He really showed me what I was doing wrong and I was surprised that he was right in everything. In his gym they have a special Posing Room, where both sides of the mirror are placed so that one can see himself at the front and the back at the same time in a great light. Only there I found out that I was practically unable to stand up straight and bend the body symmetrically. Well... Anyway Steve advised me how and what to do about it, and we agreed on meeting the following afternoon. I was going to show him what I learned. So we left the gym and went to the appartment.

I did not think about the posing training at this moment, but we knew with Luka that we need to use the last hours of this day that we have left. So we went to the Manhattan at night! It was the first time for the photo shooting. I have to admit that Manhattan was very different from the rest of NY and made the right impression on me. And at night ... the view on the Brooklyn Bridge ... Well, it was absolutely beautiful!

The truth is that the day went very fast. I was on the track with my diet and the training and we both were really exhausted, so we had to go back to the apartment after a while and get ready for the next day! And since we had scheduled training session with Steve for the afternoon, we decided to get up and take photos soon after the morning. We lived in Staten Island, from where ferry runs every half hour to Manhattan for free. Free? Yeah, seriously. I do not understand it. Everything in America seemed to me so expensive, but on the boat people can ride indefinitely. And as a lover of ships and cruises, I really enjoyed this. I love ships! And the sea. And the view at Manhattan! Perfect morning!

In the center of New York, we continued in our sport spirit. We borrowed bicycles and headed for Central Park. Beautiful! I do not even want to waste words. Shortly, you have to see it. How can it be that in the middle of such a big and dirty city they have something so beautiful? The contrast of nature and the beautiful skyscrapers really enchanted me and I had to make a selfie :D

The nature in Central Park is truly beautiful and full of life. So many squirrels and other small animals ... awesome.

After lunch, we went for a training session with Steve. I was surprised to find that very little correction of mistakes and posing until then, but little has been done to me, because Steve praised me for great improvement. This day we had more room to talk more, I was interested in comparing with my competition. But he ruined me what I thought and calmed me that I should not worry about the volume. The truth is that the guys look very robust and nasal. An important fact is that they are really half the head, if not lower, and this makes it much more difficult to compare us than just the photos. Steve supported me, praised my genetics and my form. He stressed the need to perfect the shape and that I could really look very good at Olympia. It gave me the taste and motivation to lean into preparation even more! We needed it!

The last day I agreed with Luka to take photos only. We went straight from the morning to the center and enjoyed it. Extremely stunning and exhausting is the Brooklyn Bridge walk. Really big Bridge! But that's why we have so many good photos! :D

After this breathtaking location, Times Square could not be missed. And I'd like to remember that! It is true that we were doing a bit more show than usual. I walked without a trick on the street, looking like a world champion: D I posed on a wall that looked pretty fancy. People were taking pictures of me, looking at them, but with them, too, a policeman standing near me who noticed me. After a while he went to us and I was expecting a little. However, the gendarme just came to ask how I practiced the upper chest, that she had done my job and how I did it: D So we talked, and of course I realized I was going to race in Las Vegas for Mr. Olympia. NO, without hesitation, began to call colleagues in the radio station with whom he planned to go there. Great! I'll have my fans there! And maybe I really do. With the guys then we were upset at Times Square together, we gave some photos and a lot, and I think we all would like to remember it! In this the USA is amazing!

The last place I ever did not visit was One World Trade Center! I love the height and the tallest building in NY is just something for me! Here I have to admit that I even broke the diet because the café at the top of the building ... On the other hand, the brownies had no fault since the view, and especially how many times in my life did I have the opportunity to enjoy something good in such a delightful place ?! Well, and at that occasion I also found out that I had only the first time in my life to taste the real brownies! I just do not regret it and I enjoyed it!...

Friends, and that's probably all that I could say about NY. The rest of our stay and home travel took place, despite our expectations, very smoothly and without complications. New York was a great experience, beautiful experiences, both good and bad (everything will remember with humor once) and I will venture a great motivation. Now it is necessary to clamp your teeth and properly use it and amíkum in a few days at Olympia really show that with Kmošták to be counted!