Our New Collection LIMITLESS Is Out!

Our New Collection LIMITLESS Is Out!

28.10.2020 3 minutes

The time has finally come to showcase the new men's collection and we could not be more proud of the result. The entire NEBBIA team had worked super hard to deliver something new, designed especially for hard-working, hard-training, ambitious men. For men like you.

After a few previous drops dedicated to women and femininity, for example, our Aloha Babe or Honey Bunny, we're proud to introduce you to LIMITLESS featuring eight essential gym wear pieces every man should own without a doubt.


Patrik Herzcik is wearing white NO EXCUSES Tank Top with a Hoodie and gray ESSENTIAL Shorts Lampas.

LIMITLESS was designed in cooperation with our athletes. We asked them what they needed, what clothes can make them forget about everything and only focus on their workout goals when it's their time in the gym. And the results? The best of best is back, innovated, and with every detail thought-through. And not only for this reason, the new collection is a celebration of real fitness. It's clean, timeless, and limitless.

To make it even more symbolic, we didn't shy away from directly communicating a motivational message - YOUR POTENTIAL IS ENDLESS - which became a unifying point across all eight pieces. Not only we wanted to support you by providing stylish clothes, but we also wanted to inspire you on your journey to success! So... go on, believe in yourself, be persistent, and rely on NEBBIA when it comes to stylish gym wear choices. We won't let you down.

Tom Gasparik is wearing  NO EXCUSES Reg Top with a Hoodie and gray ESSENTIAL Shorts Lampas.

Patrik Herzcik is wearing  black Tank Top YOUR POTENTIAL IS ENDLESS


LIMITLESS was inspired by the perseverance and determination of strong men, our heroes. Your own motivation pushed us to create something unique and easy to wear so you can focus on the workout while knowing that NEBBIA has your back during every training. We bring you a collection that has all the necessary pieces of fitness clothing you'll need for your closet. Highly versatile and combinable with previous NEBBIA collections - for example, HERO - so you can create your own "flavor" without questioning what clothing combination suits you. Truly, a no-brainer.

Tom Gasparik is wearing a  Tank Top YOUR POTENTIAL IS ENDLESS in blue.


We took our best-selling pieces for inspiration and modernized them to perfection which means our all-time favorite cuts have made an epic comeback! And that's also the reason LIMITLESS is the best combination of timeless classics. Each detail was consulted with our athletes to highlight muscles at the right places and help reach the maximum performance. The result is unique patterns, logo lampas, and smart cuts that emphasize your athletic figure and motivate you to train even harder. Universal colors, easy to wear, easy to combine gym wear, long-lasting fabrics with great fit, suitable for every man. With all eight pieces together, you can create different looks to suit your style and mood without compromising the quality of the training.

The five appliqué labels on the NEBBIA BOYS Shorts symbolize our history and tell the story of our brand. This is our way of saying thank you for being a part of our journey and for being as determined and persistent as we are. :)


We chose high-quality breathable materials that are soft, pleasant to touch, and easily adaptable to the body. They have hypoallergenic properties to prevent any allergic reactions. The materials regulate humidity and temperature yet still provide utter comfort. Made of 100% cotton from Portugal, the material can absorb up to a fifth of moisture levels from our bodies to protect us from sweat and heat. The cotton provides thermal insulation because of its ability to trap air within the textile fibers. With all its properties, high durability, and adaptability, it is the perfect gym wear for success.

Viktor Vincze is wearing  black Tank Top YOUR POTENTIAL IS ENDLESS and gray Shorts ESSENTIAL Lampas

Miroslav MJ PRO is wearing a black NO EXCUSES Tank Top with a hoodie.

Now you have all the information to make a good investment:) Shop LIMITLESS and live your best life through fitness.

We believe that there are no limits for NEBBIA men and that with hard work and dedication, your potential is endless.