18.02.2020 3 minutes

February's outfit of the month was chosen by Nataly Mokrusha, a beautiful fitness woman from Russia. We asked her a few questions and you will surely be surprised what she is doing alongside the fitness :)


Since we have known you for some time – you are a member of our NEBBIA family :) We can probably guess, but can you explain to our fans what you do at work and in your free time?

My schedule is very tight. In the morning I start making preparations for my work: fillings, biscuits, creams, mousses and chocolate. After breakfast, I am going to the gym, where I spend an average of 2-3 hours (cardio and power), then I return to the kitchen again and finish the cakes and other desserts. I meet loved ones from work and set the table.

Who or what motivated you to do sports?

I’ve been in sports all my life. In childhood there was: swimming, horse riding, kayaking, volleyball. Now: gym, horses and snowboard. I keep myself in shape because I love myself and feel more comfortable in my athletic body.

Which came into your life first? Baking or fitness?

The first fitness came to my life, it was in 2012, but as I said above, I have been involved in various sports since childhood. I’ve been in the pastry world for 4 years, but I love sweets all my life.


As a baker, how important is sport to you now?

Sport and work are part of me. They are on the same level. This is my image and my personality.

Have you got any other favourite sports except fitness?

Yes, I really like horses and snowboarding.

Do you follow a strict diet or do you sometimes treat yourself with your sweet cakes? :)

Of course, I have different tastes, and above all, that the cake will fall on the table - I can change its recipe several times and achieve the perfect combination and proportions. So I have to taste it, right? ;)

You have a lot of beautiful tattoos – do they have special meaning for you?

Every tattoo is priceless to me. As it reminds me of the times when I made them. Some of them reflect my preferences (flowers on the back and hand - sakura, peony), some my character (tiger and girl and sphinx cat) and my work (my work tools)

What is your biggest dream?

Open your pastry school and cafe.

Do you have an idol in your life? Who is it? Why does he/she inspire you?

I am inspired by various chefs in Europe. which set trends in the pastry world. One of them is the Frenchman – Cedric Grolet and his incredibly realistic fruit desserts. I know him personally, wonderful pastry chef. 

What advice do you have for people who want to combine sports and a job from a totally different field?

I will say only one thing: never give up and follow your dream. The universe is sure to hear you!


In this fitness outfit which we chose for “Outfit of the month for February” you look really beautiful and comfy. What do you like about these pieces?

I love to wear all the gym wear from your collection. Especially women's leggings. I like the style and I like the material itself that you use. It is ideal for training, as well as for walking on the street.


Sport bra

Sport bra




Thank you very much for taking your precious time to answer ❤ We really appreciate and value your input and for being part of the NEBBIA family.