What is a moodboard and how can it help you with motivation?

What is a moodboard and how can it help you with motivation?

22.01.2023 4 minutes

A great way to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals is to have your own mood board. Information processed using images is much more effective. They affect our psyche, evoke emotions and help us relate better to our ideas. If your dreams, goals and visions are still only in your head, now is the right time to get them out. We'll show you how to easily create your own moodboard.

Moodboard is a visual presentation of your goals, desires and inspirations. It serves as a visual compass that points you in the right direction. It is created as a collage of photos, images, words, phrases and colors that represent what you want to achieve. It is important that everything used in the collage evokes in you the right atmosphere and feelings that you want to experience. You can use it in any field, even at work.

Step by step creation of a mood board

Creating a moodboard itself is simple. You don't have to put a lot of text on it. Just use scraps and parts of images. The only one who needs to make sense is you. Too much information can confuse you.

These steps will make it easier for you to create a mood board:


1. Set a clear goal, feeling, vision:

The most challenging step is to clearly define your goal. You can divide it into several smaller areas, e.g. finances, health, relationships, travel, work. Thanks to this, you can focus better on what your priorities are when reaching your goal. You can also help yourself with the following questions:

  • What are your values?
  • What hobbies do you want to pursue?
  • Who are your closest (family, friends)?
  • What weaknesses do you want to work on?
  • What area do you want to focus on?
  • What are your goals for 2023?


2. Get inspired

Visualizing images and phrases that represent your goals can remind you of what you're trying to achieve. To create a mood board, you can collect images and phrases that represent your goals and desires. Use a variety of materials such as magazine clippings, photographs or digital images. It's a good idea to update them as you progress and as your goals and interests change. When searching for materials, you can use Pinterest, Instagram, Google and photo banks, e.g. Freepik, Pixabay.


3. Create a collage

Sort the collected material first. You can arrange the selected materials on a physical or digital board. If you prefer an offline form, you can use a magnetic board or a wall. If you are more of a "digital person", there are tools that will make your work easier. They are Pinterest, Moodboard, Milanote, Canva and Photoshop.


4. Place in a visible place

You can set the finished moodboard as the background of your computer, print it and pin it anywhere in the house on the wall or under the glass of the dining table. Best for several places at once. It is important to keep it in sight every day. It will support your efforts and you will better enter the reality you want to achieve. It will propel you forward.


Tip: Capture every achievement of a smaller goal, even in your favorite sports clothes, and add it to the mood board. Your mobile phone is always at hand. It will be nice to watch you move forward.


What can you put on your moodboard?

Your moodboard can contain photos, words, illustrations, brands of clothing that make you feel good while exercising, and images of exercises that inspire you and move you forward. Feel free to use a picture of Martina Takáčová or Kristýna Seidlová, if they are role models for you, or other icons who exercise, lift weights, run or practice yoga. You can create a menu that you will exchange on the board, calorie tables, a list of healthy foods and allowed snacks. And be sure to add a training plan, motivational quotes and photos of people who support you.


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The colors and overall aesthetics of the moodboard should be energizing and uplifting to reflect the positive and empowering nature of the sporting activity in which you want to progress. Don't forget to visually emphasize your goal so that it is clear where all your activities are going, what you want to achieve, and why you are actually doing it all? This kind of brainstorming will help you to clarify even things that did not fit you until now.

Your own moodboard is unique and original for you. It can reflect your personality, your style and interests. It serves as a powerful tool for motivation and inspiration, as it helps you focus on what's important, stay motivated through visual connection, and get more involved in the story you're creating. Your goals will thus become more tangible and realistic. The line between imagination and reality is thin. In addition, every "macačka" can also have a creative beginning.