Why does NEBBIA love fitness? We asked our CEO Maťo!

Why does NEBBIA love fitness? We asked our CEO Maťo!

13.06.2017 1 minute

On many of our promotional materials we say that we love fitness. We even have it printed on our special wallpapers in stores and in our office J Many companies use different advertising slogans which are designed for them by various marketing and creative agencies, and it is often the case that their slogan becomes a purposeful cliché over time. Nebbia has a love for fitness in her DNA! If my and Stanka’s life wasn’t all about fitness before 1997, Nebbia wouldn’t exist today.

Fitness, however, is not business for me. I like the competitive atmosphere and the rush of big exhibitions. But this is still not the right reason why I love fitness. That feeling when you come to the gym, you feel the smell of iron, even the heavy air you sometimes smell, all of this is a stimulating atmosphere for me. Jingling of discs when you put them on a barbell, which is again a bit harder than last week. You pull it few times before the first repetition, then you will feel the goosebumps on your back, your whole body will stiffen and you are ready to go. One, two, three ... At that moment there's nothing in the world, just you and your barbell. You planned eight repetitions, but during the eighth, at the edge of your abilities, you say to yourself that you have to do two more, you just need to do it.

That's why I love fitness. The feeling of fatigue, pumping, and the ability to overcome myself and prove something. Not to prove to others but prove it to myself!

For such people we design and produce the best fitness clothing in Nebbia. We want to be with you during your "fight" with the barbell. We want to be there when you go for your dream and all that becasue we love fitness!

I challenge all of you, share with us why you love fitness and what it means to you!