PFAS in Textiles: Beware the Hidden Threat in Your Clothing

Our leggings are safe. If you have your favourite NEBBIA pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, you can wear them without worry. They do not contain PFAS or any other harmful chemicals. We are one of the brands that emphasise the quality and safety of their products. We choose innovative and safe fabrics. This allows us to provide you with clothing that is tailored to your needs and, more importantly, that are not harmful to your...

26.09.2023 3 minutes

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Sports Bra: Guide to Maximum Support and Comfort

An active lifestyle brings benefits to your health and well-being. However, it also comes with the need to choose the right fitness attire that allows you to engage in physical activity without worries. One of the key pieces of your outfit is the sports bra. It provides support, comfort, and freedom of movement even during demanding workouts. Let's explore how to choose a sports bra that will support you in every performance.How to...

09.11.2023 7 minutes

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Healthy Eating and Dieting: Current Trends According to Nutritionist Zuzana Líšková

Each one of us has a relationship with food. Some love it and crave gastronomic experiences. Others perceive it merely as a necessary way to fill the stomach and replenish energy. In any case, food provides us with much more - nutrients and components beneficial for our health. Healthy eating is a way to incorporate these valuable meal components into our bodies. Ever-changing trends in the field of nutrition lead us to ...

09.04.2023 2 minutes

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Gymnastics and Strength Training. Combine them in your workout plan like Lucka Mikušová

The combination of gymnastics and strength training might sound unusual at first glance. But what if we told you that this combination could be the key to achieving your fitness goals? Overcome myths such as gymnastics not being suitable for fitness enthusiasts and discover the true value of balancing flexibility and strength. Differences Between Gymnastics and Strength...

08.09.2023 4 minutes

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Simple Pear Pie with Fragrant Cinnamon

Do you have a sweet tooth? Bake a pear pie, which is really easy to prepare. The base is juicy pears and cinnamon, which will help to create a Christmas atmosphere even in the summer. We also include the nutritional values in the recipe so you can keep your snacking under control. INGREDIENTS:DOUGH:160g spelt flour1 tbsp xylitolpinch of salt100g butter1 tbsp vinegara little...

08.03.2023 1 minute

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Know your leggings. Choose the best fit for you!

Imagine this. Perfectly fitting leggings that hug your body and feel like second skin. No rolling down, no discomfort. You focus on your performance. It’s just you and your goal without distractions. We get it, it’s hard to find gym wear that supports you and withstands even extreme training conditions. That’s why we made it easy for you and came up with a complete guide to leggings. High waist or mid waist, compressive or flexible - we covered it all! Take a seat, relax and find your...

08.01.2023 3 minutes

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Diastasis: What It Is and How to Manage It | NEBBIA

Diastasis – the bogey not only of women – is the divergence of the straight abdominal muscles, which appears as a ridge running down the midline of the abdomen. Neither diets nor exercise can help us recover from it. It mainly occurs in women after childbirth, but also in young people, athletes and parents of young children. What are its symptoms and how to beat it? This condition of the abdominal muscles is...

21.07.2023 8 minutes

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Traditional Recipe for Chickpea Hummus

Can’t find the right and tasty hummus recipe? Prepare it according to our recipe and amaze your spouse and friends. All you need is 10 minutes of your time and 8 ingredients. Make sure you have a powerful blender and enjoy a nutritionally balanced breakfast or party snack. Ingredients for four servings of hummus:400g canned chickpeas40g onion1 clove of garlic (or to taste)2g cumin48g...

20.07.2023 1 minute

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Super-Quick Spinach Gnocchi with Cheese Sauce

Prepare a meatless lunch that pleases your taste buds and doesn’t put a strain on your body. Spinach gnocchi with three cheeses can be prepared really quickly and you’ll have time to relax. Or to prepare a pear glass jar? Ingrediencie per four...

07.10.2023 1 minute

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Quick and Healthy Chocolate Recipes from NEBBIA Girls

Chocolate – a sweet that brings us joy and pleasure. Try the world’s favourite sweet in our NEBBIA Girls’ favourite recipes. And that’s completely without remorse. We add the nutritional values to our chocolate recipes, so you can eat sweets and still be fit. Kidney Bean Brownies by KlaudiaINGREDIENTS:1 can of red beans (240 g)1 ripe banana (130 g)1 egg20g...

07.07.2023 1 minute

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Pear Dessert with Cinnamon and Chocolate

Healthy, quick, sweet – simply yummy. You can treat yourself to a pear dessert without regrets whenever you have a sweet tooth. Ingredients per serving:50 g pears1 tsp honey 160 g Greek yoghurt (0.3%)15 g dark chocolate (85% cocoa)cinnamon to tastePreparation:Dice the pears. Leave...

27.06.2023 1 minute

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Power Yoga: Benefits for a Healthy, Stress-Free Life

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live a happy and balanced life without stress? Even a busy person can feel healthy and fit and live in harmony. Yoga is yoga that what connects physical and mental health. In power yoga, the same poses are used as in classical yoga and its benefits help us to live a higher quality life in today’s hectic times without...

21.06.2023 4 minutes

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Asian Buckwheat Noodles with Chicken in Peanut Sauce

Asian-style chicken is one of the super quick and tasty recipes for lunch or dinner. The combination of healthy ingredients with a distinctive honey-soy taste is foolproof. With the nutritional values of chicken dices, you have full control over what you eat. Let’s get cooking together.FOR FOUR SERVINGS YOU WILL NEED:680 g chicken breast40 ml soy sauce40 g honey80 g peanut...

15.06.2023 1 minute

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Stuffed Sandwich with Delicious Chicken and Prosciutto

In cooperation with FitMeal and NEBBIAgirl, Klaudia Mikitkova, we have prepared healthy and tasty recipes that will save you time and give you the energy you need for your sporting activities. A juicy sandwich stuffed with chicken and prosciutto will be the first to please your taste buds. In addition to the sandwich preparation instructions and ingredients, you will...

06.02.2023 1 minute

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Compression Clothing for Greater Performance without Compromise

Imagine the perfect fitness clothing that will help you push your limits. More energy for muscles, lower risk of injury, faster recovery. Plus, it’s comfortable, even though it’s close-fitting. That’s what the new compression clothing from the INTENSE collection is. Thanks to its innovative technical features, it provides endless comfort during training. It will boost your performance and recovery of tired muscles and the added elastane will ensure natural...

05.12.2023 4 minutes

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From the Philippines to Hollywood: Maureen Blanquisco’s Incredible Path to Victory at the Bikini Fitness Olympia

Health and fitness have become a way of life for many women. However, there are also women who do fitness full time. One of them is Maureen Blanquisco, winner of the 2022 Bikini Fitness Olympia competition. She is one of the most successful fitness icons in the world and is an example for many fitness women who work hard and accomplish their goals without compromise. She became the face of our upcoming NEBBIA INTENSE collection, which we designed to improve women’s performance...

28.04.2023 8 minutes

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15-minute workout that will get you into shape. Burn more calories and save time

Short but intensive trainings are becoming increasingly popular. It is also a consequence of the fast times we live in, when we don’t have time for regular exercise.Our work, family, friends and other commitments don’t allow us to spend hours in the gym or get prepared for a marathon. Fortunately, we know that even 15 minutes a day can help us shape beautiful curves. There are several reasons why it is worth investing your time in a 15-minute workout. Here are some of...

04.05.2023 3 minutes

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Yoga For a Sore Back. Six Benefits That Will Improve Your Health

  Nowadays, when most of our work is done in front of a computer, a sedentary lifestyle is becoming our everyday reality. But the more time we spend sitting, the more we damage our health. According to the World Health Organization, more than 60% of the world’s adult population suffers from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the official definition, the average individual engages in less than 90 minutes of physical activity per...

24.03.2023 4 minutes

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We Are Busting the Myths About Eco-friendly Clothing. Your Choice Can Help to Save the World

Sustainable fashion is becoming an important topic for many Slovak brands. At the same time, buying eco-friendly fitness clothing is trendy. This is confirmed by the data. Imagine that, since 2015, up to 93% of consumers have either increased their purchases of sustainable products or maintained consistent purchasing habits over the past year. According to a ...

18.03.2023 3 minutes

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Prejudices of women in fitness. Interview with our ambassadors about their beginnings and motivation.

There are different views on whether men are better at fitness than women, and whether they should have a different approach to working out. Want to learn more about whether there are still prejudices in fitness and how to overcome them and achieve your goals regardless of your sex? We took a peek into the lives of our ambassadors to give us a glimpse into their experiences and perspective on women in the fitness world. We interviewed Lucia Mikušová, Valerie Slapnik...

03.12.2023 6 minutes

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The pioneering women who have changed the fitness world

Fitness heroines who have influenced generations Today, fitness and exercising for women is commonplace, but it wasn’t always so. According to historical sources, a woman with a dumbbell in her hand could still be seen in the 1940s only in a circus. In the 1970s and 1980s, strength training for women was a very controversial topic and was often accompanied by prejudices and misconceptions. Women who worked out with weights...

03.01.2023 6 minutes

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Myth or Fact? We Looked at Common Preconceptions About Sedentary Work

According to statistics, approximately 40.7% of people in Slovakia have sedentary work and half of them sit for an average of eight hours a day. Sedentary work and our lifestyle are often associated with a variety of health problems that affect the quality of our life. The most common problems reported by people working sedentary is lower and upper back pain, shoulder pain, elbows pain and wrists pain. We often tend to associate...

28.02.2023 3 minutes

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Seven Highly Effective Tips on How to Start Working Out at the Gym

Are you constantly wondering how to overcome yourself and start working out at the gym? We know the feeling when you suddenly see a pile of exercise equipment in front of you, wondering which one to try first. How am I supposed to work out with all that stuff? Your current fitness or a few extra pounds are no reason to feel that bad. Quite the contrary. It’s admirable that you decided to make your dream come true and want to feel better. Seeing brawny counterparts in...

26.02.2023 4 minutes

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Our ambassadors also face feelings of inferiority. Read their tips on how to overcome it.

Inferiority complex is one of the problems that many women face. And the fitness community is no exception. Comparing oneself to others and a constant pursuit of perfection can lead to feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. This is even more true in areas where performance and appearance are important. It is important to realise that we each have our own unique journey and value, and that we are never comparable to someone else. Our duty is to love ourselves...

19.02.2023 9 minutes

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Manifestations of Low Self-esteem & How to Handle it

I look terrible. I’m not worth anything. No one likes me. Bad things keep happening to me. Why does this keep happening to me? Why can’t I be happy? I’ll never get it the way I want it. All my relationships are bad. Everyone always hurts me. Do you ever say these sentences to yourself? Do you recognise yourself in them? Do you feel like the whole world has turned against you? If so, read on, because you probably have a problem...

17.02.2023 3 minutes

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