3 Tips to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

3 Tips to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

23.07.2020 2 minutes

A supportive sports bra is one of the most important pieces you need as an active woman. It is as essential as a pair of good sneakers and it really pays off to invest in proper support. Plus, the expectations are even higher than of our regular bras - the expanded range of movement and sweat associated with exercise put more demands on the quality and characteristics of the fabric. Most of all, sports bras should be functional, comfortable, and obviously, stylish:) Let's have a look at what criteria to consider when you're shopping for one.

1. Proper Fit

Whether your workout of choice is a HIIT or strength training, any exercise puts your breasts under strain. Discomfort, breast pain, straps digging into your skin, or restrictions in the movement are the most common signs the fit is wrong. It is critical to have a well-fitting bra that works for you and minimizes the amount of breast movement. A general rule of thumb for a proper fit is to be able to fit two fingers under the band and pull it off no more than 2-3 cm from your chest. The bottom band should be secure and the front totally filled, however it shouldn't feel too tight. Your straps should stay in place without sliding off and the bottom band should not move up or down with the movement. Avoiding any discomfort is key. So, when trying on a bra, make sure it fits comfortably, and that you can move easily without feeling restricted.

The most popular NEBBIA bra comes in many colors. The branded elastic band keeps the bra in place, even during demanding cardio. Shop here

2. Adequate Support 

Support should come from three points on a sports bra: the straps, the cups, and the band, including the side panels. Since different bras offer different levels of support, the type you need largely depends on your size plus the type of workout you do - high impact like HIIT, running, or low impact including weight training, yoga, or pilates. So, if you're blessed with a larger bust, the right support is super important. Consider looking for a bra that is encapsulated or underwired, made of less stretchy material with supportive seams and overlays. It's also helpful when the bra has wider straps to help distribute any tension.

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3. Comfort and Style 

The perfect bra is the one that combines the right fit, style, color, and performance features to have you feeling your best. But looking your best is no less important and thus opt for a style that speaks to you and helps you highlight your preferred features.

Racerback bras create a Y shape in the back nicely showing off your back muscles. Great for low to medium impact exercises for ladies with smaller breasts. 

Cross-back bras are one of the most popular styles.The elastic NEBBIA band allows for an increased range of motion and is very comfortable. If it fits, get it in every color! Shop here.

Scoop back bras are similar to an everyday bra. This style is easier to put on and take off and fits great on women with a larger bust. Shop here.