4 Reasons Why You Need Bubble Butts in Your Closet

4 Reasons Why You Need Bubble Butts in Your Closet

15.02.2021 3 minutes

We all know it. A beautiful bottom does not come cheap. And yet, fashion magazines are filled with clothes that should cover these body parts, or even hide them, as if they never existed.

But you are proud of your curves. You work hard, and you want to put them on display. You need a different kind of fashion. One which would celebrate your body to the fullest. For you, NEBBIA developed a truly unique cut of trousers - Bubble Butts. They became the most sought-after piece in our entire collection for a reason. Today, we will tell you why you should give them a chance.

Take our Squat Proof Bubble Butt pants - it's an iconic black classic!

1) Nothing less than the perfect cut

The cut of this capital piece springs from two magic formulas - butt lift and scrunch butt. Due to effective stitching and pleating in the middle of the bottom, they will form every figure to perfection. The pockets which will attract attention are the cherry on top. The stitching emphasises the leg muscles on the thighs.

“That’s constraining!” you say? Quite the opposite. The “bubble butts” are a cross between trousers and leggings. They will not betray you, no matter what you do, and will easily adjust to your movement. You need not worry that you would be stuffed in them like in a pair of super-tight slim-fit jeans, which would make a supermodel look plump.

Our new dreamy edition - Bubble Butts are now in light blue and powder pink!

2) Trousers for any occasion

Are you planning coffee with friends, a nice hike in the countryside, or pumping iron in the gym? The “bubble butts” do not restrict your daily agenda. Due to how comfortable and stylish they are, they are sure to become a universal part of any wardrobe. What you will combine them with is entirely up to you.

And do not worry about sweat, either. No unpleasant surprise awaits you. Naturally, this model by NEBBIA also passed the squat-proof test. The elastic band keeps the trousers in place so that you can move freely.

Leather Look Bubble Butt Pants - look like leather pants but feel like leggings!

3) You have a choice

In the “bubble butt” family, you can pick whether you are a rebel, minimalist, or a romantic. In our offer, you will find two staples - the shiny black model and the brown leather imitation. They are an investment you will not regret.

However, NEBBIA introduced a new, wonderful collection that will remind you to dream even in difficult times. The dreamy edition contains the legendary pair of trousers in powder blue and pink colour. Imagine a sunset over the sea, calming, gentle, perfect. You can have a piece of it in your wardrobe. We believe that it will illuminate your year 2021 as well as your fitness goals and dreams.

Beautiful dreamy colours - Bubble Butts are now in light blue and powder pink!

4) Quality is the highest principle at NEBBIA

Yet, it is not only about the brand and pretty colours. For decades, NEBBIA as a brand has focused on ensuring the highest quality of all of the clothing it sells. The designers focus on the proper material, cut, meticulous needlework, and small details, which separate the genuine manufacturers from cheap fast-fashion chains.

Bubble butt trousers are made from a combination of polyamide and elastane. That makes them fit your figure like a second skin while remaining flexible and resistant. The iconic NEBBIA embroidery on the back side and a fashionable iron logo on the back pocket. The “bubble butts” also borrow the imitation of buttoning with a metal button from jeans