How to Buy The Perfect Gym Clothes

How to Buy The Perfect Gym Clothes

06.04.2020 3 minutes

Do you often admire people in the gym wearing stylish, matching, and perfectly fitting outfits? Do you aspire to be one of them and dress with ease for your workouts? These few tips should help you with that quest and hopefully one day you'll be the one inspiring others.

Researchers say, there is a direct correlation between what you wear and your performance, so carefully curating your fitness closet should be important. It is not only that you want to look good during your workout, but you also need to feel great while pushing your limits. So stop grabbing your old t-shirts, ill-fitting bras, and baggy sweatpants and opt for a sleek, on point, movement inspired gym wear. The selection is wide so where do you start? 


The ultimate goal is not to really feel what you're wearing, so aim for the "feel-naked" effect. Don't choose clothes that are too tight thinking you will lose weight - the tightness will then bother you during every session plus it is not very appealing. One size larger bra or leggings will also do no good as you will constantly be adjusting things on the go and get distracted. If you're in between sizes, try on both and decide on the spot. But remember, the clothes also need to provide proper support at all the right places, especially when it comes to sports bras.

Well-fitting workout clothes won't give you motivation, but will boost your confidence. Guaranteed.  Shop our best selling bra.


Whether it is a gym workout, cross-fit, run, yoga, pilates, or boxing, focus on the freedom of movement the clothes provide. Don't assess the clothes only in front of the mirror; test them by jumping, squatting, lounging, or whatever activity you plan on practicing. Only when you MOVE you see how the clothes function and hold on your body. Oftentimes, we tend to chose leggings with a low-waist cut just to realize they fall way below the acceptable line when you move:) Invest only in the items that are non-restrictive and allow you the range of movement you desire. 

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If opting for form-fitting exercise clothes, the stretch element is super important. A quality synthetic fabric such as Spandex expands to almost 600 percent of its size allowing you the range of motion and then perfectly snaps back in place. These technical materials are also breathable with moisture-wicking powers which prevent sweat from sticking to your skin and potential irritation. If you’re wearing cotton and it’s soaking wet with sweat, then you’ll find it way harder to give your best performance, although for a low-sweat activity such as yoga, for example, a cotton tank is a viable option.

Feels like a second skin.  The NEBBIA leggings fabric is soft and body-hugging, moisture-wicking and pleasant to the touch. 


Never, ever! Your gym clothes should make you feel exactly how the exercise does – fierce, powerful, and unstoppable. The color is more important than you think, so always choose hues you're comfortable with. If you can't stand the neon, don't buy it just because it's trendy or on sale. If your style is minimalistic, invest in simple, monochromatic design that is timeless, and doesn't go out of fashion. Mixing two brands especially with a bold design might look like you're trying too hard, so go with a more uniform look from one brand.

The only exception for "matchy-matchy" is gym wear.  Shine bright in white.

Fashion and fitness go hand in hand nowadays and staying fit never looked more stylish. Just remember to ensure the clothes also tick all the functional boxes. The most important thing is to nail your workout and don't be bothered by the clothes while looking and feeling good. It's easily doable, so start shopping!