Traditional Recipe for Chickpea Hummus

Traditional Recipe for Chickpea Hummus

20.07.2023 1 minute

Can’t find the right and tasty hummus recipe? Prepare it according to our recipe and amaze your spouse and friends. All you need is 10 minutes of your time and 8 ingredients. Make sure you have a powerful blender and enjoy a nutritionally balanced breakfast or party snack.

Ingredients for four servings of hummus:

400g canned chickpeas

40g onion

1 clove of garlic (or to taste)

2g cumin

48g tahini

chilli to taste

salt to taste

pepper to taste

nutritional values of hummus


Clean the garlic and cut the onion into small pieces. Place all ingredients together in a blender, blend and season with salt, pepper, tahini and garlic to taste.

Here is a tip:

Hummus is perfect served with crispbread and fresh vegetables such as carrot and sweet pepper.

The hummus recipe is simple and quick. Try other super-quick recipe such as spinach gnocchi with cheese sauce.