How to exercise during pregnancy

How to exercise during pregnancy

07.11.2021 2 minutes

Many of you already know our brand ambassador Valerija Slapnik very well. Last time we interviewed her when she was in her first trimester and discussed her pregnancy journey. This time, we asked her if she could advise our fans on how to exercise when expecting a baby. Learn more about her advice and find out what her typical leg day workout looked like during this time!

Forget about the perfect training plan

During her pregnancy, Valerija learned to listen to her body. Sometimes she was full of energy, other times she had to prioritize her and her baby's health. Rest is just as important as being active during this period: “When I felt good, I exercised 2 to 3 times a week. Sometimes, however, only twice a month, ”It was no longer important to reach my limits during each training. The goal was the movement itself. My workouts looked very simple and with long breaks. I also chose exercises in sitting positions.”

Back to the outdoors

Thanks to the pregnancy, Valerija found her way back to her once favourite cycling. There are several benefits to cycling. Compared to walking, it has a lower impact on the knees and at the same time helps to stimulate blood circulation in the lower limbs. This can improve the feeling of heavy legs. "With the arrival of spring, I spent more and more time outside. I also biked about 4 km 4x times a week. At this stage, it was just enough for me. I biked until the end of the 7th month. The high summer temperatures, combined with the last trimester, made any movement difficult for me.”

Leg training during pregnancy

As far as Valerija's condition allowed, she tried to keep her training routine divided into upper and lower body workouts. However, she had to be especially careful when training her legs: "Because of the back pain, I chose exercises that do not put pressure on the lumbar part, such as squats or deadlifts." As she says, her weights were very light, but even little movement improved her mood and relieved her pain.

This is what her leg training looked like:







Ready for childbirth

Thanks to active lifestyle, Valerija also maintained her cardiovascular endurance and ability to do normal housework: “I think that the workouts also helped me mentally. I don't just mean the happiness hormones. Thanks to training, I was better prepared for the upcoming childbirth. I was not afraid of pain. When the day came, I was ready," She sees the benefits of exercise even now - after giving birth:" After the caesarean section, I recovered faster, I'm cycling again and I can't wait to visit the gym again soon and start my transformation to get back to my previous weight. ”

However, training during pregnancy should be approached very individually. If you are going through a healthy and safe pregnancy, Valerija has a message for you: “Active lifestyle during pregnancy has helped me a lot to stay healthy, strong and mentally resilient. These are very important things for both the mother and her baby. ”

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