INTENSE - a new collection inspired by women like you

INTENSE - a new collection inspired by women like you

25.02.2021 3 minutes

Are you ready to put everything into it? A new collection for those who never give up

Some people write down “I will start working out” every year as a New Year’s resolution. You are not one of those people though. You are determined and disciplined. You choose to put 100% into everything you do. For your health, for your fitness, and for the ability to enjoy every moment in life to the fullest. You know what you want and that is an intense commitment to fitness. This is why NEBBIA designed its new INTENSE collection specifically for you and it is not one to miss.

The INTENSE collection will help you find the strength to continue in your efforts, even if 2020 was a difficult and complicated year. INTENSE will get you back on track. The collection draws inspiration from confident and driven women who follow their goals with fierce dedication.

We have a complete novelty for you

This new collection combines a clever combination of materials of intense black with luxurious shimmery golden details. They are timeless pieces that will wonderfully complete your fitness wardrobe. We have prepared three new pairs of leggings, a mini top, a t-shirt, sweat trousers, shorts, and two sweatshirts. The sporty design is only underlined by a sophisticated cut.

The leggings are made of a stronger, compressive material, which offers the perfect support and quickens the recovery after the training. They are suitable for all kinds of exercise, including cardio, power training, and HIIT. Naturally, these leggings feature the beloved backside-enhancing “scrunch butt effect” just like other NEBBIA leggings. In addition, the branded stripes shape your thighs.

A unique piece for unique fitness experiences

The fitness trends change and we adapt to them. That is why you will also find our first jumpsuit in the INTENSE collection. Feel free to try it at your gym or for a home workout. You will quickly get used to it and the jumpsuit will become your second skin. No more bare lower back and no more dropping leggings. Wearing this jumpsuit, you can salute the sun and squat all day without it betraying you. It is feminine, elegant, but also functional to the maximum. Should you want to elevate your look to a higher level, you can complement it with our golden-cropped hoodie.

What “living life to the fullest” means?

The slogan of the collection is “Intense is how I train, intense is how I live”. We challenge you to give it your all not only at the gym but in everything you do in life. If the past year has taught us anything, it is the fact that there is nothing else to do. Either to the fullest, or not at all, we live only once. And it is up to us if we make it a proper ride.

We asked our NEBBIA GIRLS on how to live life intensely, too. For Martina Takácsová, it means to enjoy every day to the maximum, spend time with one’s family, hobbies, training and give everything one’s 100 percent. “It means to enjoy every moment in your life and to make use of every opportunity that comes your way. It means to not refuse any challenge, because if we do not try it now, then we will never do so again,” adds Beáta Graňáková.

The girls also answered our question on what their ideal intense training looks like. For Denisa Vranová, it is a power workout with heavyweights, especially focusing on the legs. “My favourites are squats and leg extensions. Martina Takácsová puts in her maximum effort during a combination of fitness and power exercises. “I like this dynamic combo at a high frequency when I exercise at a good pace,” she adds.

And what about you? Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? We are here to help you.

Author: Veronika Rajničová

Translation: Matej Makovický