NEBBIA girl Denisa Tran Vanová is the new brand ambassador of NEBBIA Fitness. "I'm still just Deni," she says.

NEBBIA girl Denisa Tran Vanová is the new brand ambassador of NEBBIA Fitness. "I'm still just Deni," she says.

29.08.2022 6 minutes

We first worked with Denisa during the production of the INTENSE collection in 2021, which was followed by the shooting of the Ocean Selected collection. And finally, we introduce Denisa in this blog as the new NEBBIA Girl. But Denisa is just getting started in NEBBIA! Her passion for fitness and progress convinced us that she deserves to be one of our NEBBIA Athlete Brand Ambassadors. Read the story of a rising star of Slovak and Czech fitness.

How did you get into fitness?

I first went to a gym when I was thirteen. But back then I was just doing cardio and working out with my own body weight. I didn't start strength training until I was fifteen. I've always admired muscular women and wanted to be like them – something I finally achieved.

Didn't you miss partying with your friends?

Life is about balance. There is nothing wrong with having fun, but you need to have priorities. I didn't go to parties that often. In fact, I didn't have to. And if something was interesting, I just went.

What were your mistakes at the beginning?

The biggest mistake I made was that I believed that I had to eat as much as possible to gain muscle mass, no matter what quality and sources those calories came from and what ratio of macronutrients I was taking in, meaning I ate two packets of potato crisps and fried cheese and though what good shape I was in. Of course, I gained weight but I didn't look and feel well and I didn't understand why. But today I consider it an important life lesson.

What is your philosophy of life?

I'm trying to live in the present. In my opinion, we should enjoy the present moment more. I believe in the law of attraction and the power of the energy we give out and radiate. For instance, I've noticed that I used to get very excited about an event. However, when it came to it, my mind was already on the next one. After all, I didn't enjoy either one at all.

How do you see your place among fitness influencers? What makes you different?

As soon as I created my Instagram account, the number of my followers skyrocketed. At the time, I hadn't yet realised the power of being able to inspire someone with just a photo. Frankly, I still haven't done it yet – I still don't consider myself an influencer. I just take it in a way I do what I love and share it with my friends.

But what makes me different is that I try to share everything authentically. I know a lot of people striving to take perfect photos without smudges in the mirror and with perfect skin. I don't care. It's me. We all have a dirty mirror from time to time and we don't live perfect lives. That's why I also share when I look bad after a workout or openly post that the last workout was far from the best. I want people to see me as I look in the photo – not to be afraid to speak to me and to see me just as Deni.

Do you do other sports besides weightlifting?

No. Now I'm focused mainly on strength training. But I'm thinking of taking up a martial art.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you try to overcome your weaknesses?

My weaknesses are tardiness, procrastination and talking in front of people or to the camera. But I'm trying to overcome it. The problem is that I'm ashamed to even talk to myself. I must have some kind of mental block, ha-ha. On the other hand, my strengths are friendliness, authenticity, gratitude and openness to new things.

After working with NEBBIA, you started working with dietary supplement brands such as Scitec Nutrition and Gym Beam. How do you see your rapid growth? Have you gotten used to so much attention?

As I mentioned above, I still don't think I'm quite getting it, ha-ha. It's incredible when people recognise you on the street. I definitely see it as a huge responsibility. I represent world-famous brands and I am a part of them. But I don't see it as pressure. Since these are clothes that I wear and exercise equipment I use all the time, it all seems perfectly natural to me. I wouldn't want to work with brands I don't like. I like to meet new people and I like to talk to them. I am very grateful for these opportunities that make me happy.

Have you ever thought about competing?

I've never exercised because of preparing for a competition. I do sports mainly because it makes me feel good. I'm driven by my love for the sport. But it's been on my mind lately. I like to do new things. I would like to get prepared and see what I can do with my body.

What are your fitness and modelling goals? What else would you like to achieve?

As for my fitness, there are a lot of things I want to improve, so I still have a lot of work to do, ha-ha. I'd like to see my body in its best possible shape – prepared for a competition, as I said. But modelling attracts me as well. I would love to travel and meet people and attend various events. I dream of being known abroad. I love the energy at these events, the people and the atmosphere.

What does the NEBBIA brand mean to you? What place does it have in your life?

I've been wearing NEBBIA outfits ever since I started working out. It's still so surreal for me to work with you and to be the face of the brand. NEBBIA is more than just a brand for me. I really love the people at NEBBIA. You are my fitness family and I am so happy that we are growing and creating together. I am proud to be your ambassador. It is an honour for me.

What would you like to bring to our fans as an ambassador of NEBBIA?

I see all my fans as friends and I want them to see me as a friend of theirs. I want to create a community of people who enjoy exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I want to share my fitness life with them and I'm happy if they share it with me. I want us to inspire and motivate each other.

What kind of content do you plan to prepare?

I plan to add regular workouts and diets on my Instagram so that everyone can be inspired. I plan to work out at home. But I will share what I do in my life – my real life.

Have you ever had any injuries?

Fortunately, I've never had any major injuries. I once had a broken little finger. I recommend not trusting doctors if they say they will count to 3 and then fix it, ha-ha.

Are you still studying at university?

I studied marketing. But at the moment I work as a marketer. At some point, I realised that school wasn't bringing me what I expected from it and I learned a lot of things from practice. I dropped out of my studies and I don't regret my decision.