New NEBBIA store in Bratislava!

New NEBBIA store in Bratislava!

07.02.2018 1 minute

Opening a new store in Bratislava means a lot to us in NEBBIA. Our products are currently sold in more than 40 countries worldwide and today we are one of the world's leading fitness brands.

This did not happen overnight and our journey to the top was not easy, it was a journey full of falls and mistakes. But thanks to our tenacity and the goal, which we had still on our mind, we made it! That's why I am so proud to open our store in our capital city Bratislava. There are many people living in Slovakia who, like us, have an ambitious plan and we want to show them that it is worth to be persistent, to follow their dreams and do not let themselves be discouraged. I am looking forward to see you in Bratislava J

CEO Maťo