Pear Dessert with Cinnamon and Chocolate

Pear Dessert with Cinnamon and Chocolate

27.06.2023 1 minute

Healthy, quick, sweet – simply yummy. You can treat yourself to a pear dessert without regrets whenever you have a sweet tooth.

Ingredients per serving:

50 g pears

1 tsp honey

160 g Greek yoghurt (0.3%)

15 g dark chocolate (85% cocoa)

cinnamon to taste


Dice the pears. Leave a few pieces aside and put the rest in the pot. Add honey, cinnamon, water and bring to a boil. Cook mixture until the pears are soft. Finally, blend them into a puree.

Grate the chocolate, put some aside for garnishing and mix the rest in a bowl with 100 g of Greek yoghurt.


Serve the pear dessert in a glass jar. Gradually layer pear puree, yoghurt-chocolate mixture and the rest of the yoghurt. Garnish with grated chocolate and pears.

We hope you will enjoy the recipe and try the healthy lunch menu.