20 years of our, your NEBBIA

20 years of our, your NEBBIA

22.08.2017 4 minutes

In every birthday blog I write basically same things :) NEBBIA wouldn‘t exist without you, our customers, and without our team. I was wondering if I should write about the same theme this year too. I don‘t want it to look like a cliché. Finally I decided to stick with it. With the growth of a business there is always an increase in the number of people working for the company. We are no exception and today we have jobs in the company that we didn‘t even know they exist. I‘ve always emphasized how great team in NEBBIA is. But when the company started to grow rapidly it didn’t occur to me that the great team begun to slowly fade away. It's like when you were twelve years old and you had three great friends. That was amazing. You knew everything about each other, you were still very busy and all the time together. But when other children started to come to your group, you gradually began to lost interest in each other until you are just ordinary friends. This has also happened to us. There are not that much duties in a small company, in the big company you don‘t know where your head is, and gradually you lose the passion for your job. Even though you still think, and you are still telling everyone, what a great team you are. Fortunately we realized this. We love our job and to have the best team in the world is as important to us as being the best fitness brand in the world. Fortunately, there was still a way back to put together people who know why they work here, love this job and they are results-oriented just like us. They want their work to be their hobby and bring them joy. Of course we had to change things a lot, but all was for a higher purpose – to have the best team in the world :) I am very grateful that I am part of this team and that people from my team do not see me and Stanka as bosses but as leaders. And this is great!

At the beginning, I wrote about the energy and ideas. It is all connected with all the news we are preparing for the autumn. I can only tell you that it will be awesome. Our twentieth birthday is also your birthday, our customers‘. We could hardly celebrate anything without you, and it would be hard to invent new activities without you. And you can see that we have a lot of them in our last year’s successful activities. We opened the first franchise store in Prague and our stores went through a complete redesign. We have also expanded our Star team to Ondrej Kmostak and Olivia Pohankova. We exhibited for the first time at Arnold Classic in Barcelona and Columbus, USA. We have established a distribution company in California, making wholesale in the USA. In addition, we have done many other activities like launching a distribution in Hong Kong and around 10 other countries (today NEBBIA exports to more than 40 countries). And again (for the third time) we have become the official partner of the biggest fitness event in the world - Mr. Olympia. Besides, the official sweatshirts for 2017 will be displayed for a few days in our stores in Prague, Prešov and Žilina. We have come to a conclusion that we have no free space in the company, there was a dramatic increase in coffee consumption which doesn’t work on us anymore, and we have to take some other encouragement :). We have also come to the fact that as a team we fool around as if we were all twenty years old and we still love fitness. And at least I recalled what it is like to go from one muscle soreness to another one :)

Thanks to you and our team, NEBBIA is now a number one in the Czechoslovakian market (I know, it's a bit arrogant, but it is the truth). We, of course, do not underestimate our competition, we are happy that there is some because it motivates us to work even harder. And while competition in Slovakia does not always behave as well as the mature companies, it is great that we can be on top of every situation.

Now I‘ve read what I actually wrote and if it makes sense and I feel it is full of self-praise. This was certainly not a goal, I just wanted to balance what we have been doing over the last 20 years. For sure there was a lot of setbacks too. Over the past 20 years we and our customers got older, and in many cases the children of our oldest customers became our customers too. And so you have the opportunity to meet father with son and both dressed in NEBBIA, while father "instructs" a son that he worked out in the same pants twenty years ago. This is the highest level of joy for us. Firstly, because fitness combines two generations, and secondly because we're a part of it and that's great. Be part of motivation for young people is a reward for us!

In order to at least symbolically thank you for your favor we have prepared a special birthday 20% discount. So follow us on facebook and check our website and you will know the latest news. More is coming soon :)

So finally, thank you, our customers, our friends, colleagues, that we are where we are. Without your favor and help we would not reach it!

That's why I wish all the best to all of us!