5 tips on how to choose the right fitness leggings

5 tips on how to choose the right fitness leggings

26.04.2021 3 minutes

Many women have burnt themselves on choosing the wrong kind of leggings. Some had the leggings roll on their stomachs, some were too tight and were digging into their skin. And let us not even mention see-through material during squats. The right leggings are like a second skin - you do not even know about them and they support you during every training. Avoid embarrassment at the gym and focus only on your performance. Let us help you choose the best ones.


You may not see a difference between various fabrics, but you will feel it during exercise. During an intense training, you can forget natural materials, such as cotton. Keep those for yoga classes, where they will provide enough comfort. Instead, use synthetic materials for the gym. Why, you ask?

Synthetics, such as polyamide or polyester, are extremely durable . You will appreciate that especially after frequent washing and active wearing. In addition, they effectively drain away moisture and dry quickly. Even though they tend to be flexible enough, elastane is added to ladies’ leggings in order to make them more pleasant to the touch and more flexible.

  • Did you know that polyester is made from the same fibre as PET bottles? At NEBBIA, we recognize the ecological impact of plastic, which is why we partnered up with the Spanish company SEAQUAL™️ in their fight for cleaner oceans and created a collection of the same name. If the environment comes first for you, the  SEAQUAL™️ leggings are the right ones for you.


Even the best material can be a curse while wearing it if it’s sewn into an unnatural shape. Low-quality stitching is immediately obvious - threads are sticking out, it digs into your flesh and comes undone eventually. The stitching on fitness leggings has to follow the lines of the body in order to provide enough support during exercise. The proper stitching will highlight your curves, create space for stretching the fabric during the workout and is durable enough to not tear.

The current fitness legging trends aim to reach maximum effectiveness during exercise and support healthy self-confidence of every woman. That is why many leggings are stitched with a sewn-in wedge and a scrunch butt effect which gives your thighs and backside a great shape.

High vs. low waist

High-waist jeans that almost touch the ribs can be seen on women in almost every shopping mall. This trend did not avoid gyms and a high waist has become a big hit. Not only does it look fantastic, it also provides support during exercise, protects against cold and covers up an extra pound or two around the waist.

However, leggings with a normal waist are not out of the game! Put them on if you like a sense of freedom and perhaps want to show off your toned waist, for which you worked so hard! A low waist comes in handy especially in summer, when the heat forces us to wear the lightest possible clothing.

  • Low-waist leggings may roll during movement. That is why you should ask about the quality and width of the waist band. But with NEBBIA leggings, you can be sure! The iconic NEBBIA band is wide enough, elastic and the silicon “N” on the inner side will ensure that the leggings stay in their place during the whole workout. You can find it, among others, in the beloved  SQUAD HERO leggings.

Style and added functions

Every woman has her style that she uses to talk to the world. If you are playful, pick colourful leggings with patterns, if you love attention, reach for  leggings with a mesh, if you have the soul of a silent warrior, single-colour leggings are the right ones for you.

When picking the leggings, think about their functionality hidden in details. High Waist Fit&Smart will quickly become one of your favourite pieces. They come with elegantly stitched pockets, large enough to keep your phone and fitness card. A high waist is a guarantee that the leggings will not roll and you will feel confident. If you seek extra support, choose leggings with compression properties, which will support your joints, muscles and speed up the post-training regeneration.

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