Join us: We opened a new fitness group for women!

Join us: We opened a new fitness group for women!

22.02.2022 2 minutes

Whether you enjoy the adrenaline of cross fit, the sense of balance during yoga, or the strength while weightlifting, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. NEBBIA has built a strong community of determined women that love what they do, and we would like to make it official. That is why we’ve created a private group on Facebook; its members can inspire and help each other, share their fitness progress and experience with our clothing.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly more popular among girls and women of all ages. Thanks to your feedback and tagging, we clearly see how important exercise is for you. NEBBIA is the brand that you love wearing the most. We feel a sense of responsibility for the way you feel while working out. We want to show you that you aren’t alone in your efforts. There are so many girls and women in Slovakia and Czech Republic that love their workouts as much as you. They fight their inner demons with courage, understand the importance of a healthy diet and are part of NEBBIA.

What to look forward to in NEBBIA Girls private group

NEBBIA Girls Group Rules

Like every group on Facebook, ours also must have its rules. Please, read them carefully and follow them. They are the cornerstone of a polite discussion with respect towards other members that have a different story and opinion than you.

1.) Only women can become members.

2.) We encourage discussion : feel free to ask and share your progress, recipes, ideas, reflections, and leave comments on posts.

3.) In comments and posts it’s strictly forbidden to use insults, offensive language, hate speech of any kind towards other people or participants of the discussion. Any manifestation of racism or non-democratic regimes is also banned.

4.) We love humor! Feel free to share memes, sarcastic or ironic remarks. We’re looking forward to all your funny pictures and comments!

5.) Your ideas for articles, videos, or streams are more than welcomed. You should tell us how we can help you.

6.) We want to hear about your experience with our clothing. You can share your NEBBIA clothing reviews with us or help others make the right choice.

7.) Reviews or ads for other brands will be deleted.

8.) If a member breaks the rules repeatedly, she will be removed from the group.

9.) The group administrators are: Kristyna Trojanova, Simona Nudzikova a Katarina Jurciakova. If you have a problem regarding the group, you need some advice, or you would like to tell us something, we are here for you. You can message us directly or tag us in a post. :)