Seven Highly Effective Tips on How to Start Working Out at the Gym

Seven Highly Effective Tips on How to Start Working Out at the Gym

26.02.2023 4 minutes

Are you constantly wondering how to overcome yourself and start working out at the gym? We know the feeling when you suddenly see a pile of exercise equipment in front of you, wondering which one to try first. How am I supposed to work out with all that stuff? Your current fitness or a few extra pounds are no reason to feel that bad. Quite the contrary. It’s admirable that you decided to make your dream come true and want to feel better. Seeing brawny counterparts in the gym doesn’t have to stop you from starting working out right away. We have good news for you – many of us have already experienced it. And it’s nowhere near as bad as you imagine.

Indeed, if anything can stop you, it’s only you. Step out of your comfort zone and find out what you can do to get a better start in the gym. We’re bringing you seven highly effective tips that will help you overcome your shyness and fit in with even the most seasoned fitness enthusiasts.


1. The diet plan is essential

Exercising is only half the battle. If you take it seriously, you need to eat in a way that gives you plenty of energy while keeping your calorie intake under control. A balanced diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, but also fats. You can have your own diet plan prepared by a nutritionist or get inspired by current dietary trends. Water intake plays an important role, not only during exercise, but throughout the day.

If you keep your calorie intake in check, we have a tip for you: How to calculate your daily calorie intake


2. Work out at home

Before you decide to go to the gym for the first time, you should improve your stamina. You’ll feel better if you’re not gasping for breath after the first five squats. Another interesting option nowadays is the increasingly popular online exercise. You can work out anytime and for free in our online Training Zone. It’s an online exercise you will really enjoy. You can even choose your own level, easier or harder. The added value of online workouts is that you learn the basic exercises before you even go to the gym for the first time.

But you can start, for example, with hiking, running, zumba or squats and split squats. What really matters is regularity.



3. Arrange your first lessons with a trainer

A trainer will help you gain confidence when exercising, so you don’t have to worry about what equipment to choose and how to exercise with it. It is true that it will cost you more but at least you will learn the correct technique of the exercises and get rid of the initial stress of the gym. After a few hours of coaching, you will be able to go into the gym with confidence.


4. Get inspired by videos

It can also help if, instead of watching a movie or listening to a podcast in the evening, you watch the videos on how to exercise with each piece of equipment. On Instagram and YouTube, you can find plenty of exercises with and without the equipment that focus on exercising different parts of the body.

HERE’S A TIP: For inspiration, you can start with watching our NEBBIA Girls video training on YouTube. Each exercise will be demonstrated and explained and you will know exactly which parts you are exercising.

Take a look at our workout tips.


5. Wear something comfy

The proper clothing will help you avoid uncomfortable situations. A T-shirt that you’re constantly fixing, cotton that shows every drop of sweat, that can be wrinkled after a workout – all of these can be unnecessarily discouraging. Comfy and functional clothing will support you during exercise so you can focus only on your performance. Light, flexible, quick-drying and sweat-proof – that’s what the new bits from the Fit Activewear collection in new colours are. You’ll appreciate them for all sports activities, whether it’s cardio, CrossFit, yoga or running.


6. Work out with friends

Maybe a mate will help you overcome your fear at the gym. It can be your boyfriend, too. Together, you will learn new exercises and encourage each other. If you are accompanied by someone experienced, take advantage of it. He or she will explain everything you need to know, plus you'll save money. Exercising with friends or a group of people with the same goals can help you reduce stress and increase motivation.


7. Music is also helpful

Music can both start us up and calm us down. Take your earphones to the gym and listen to your favourite music. It really works. Listening to music energises you, takes your attention away from the people around you and reduces post-exercise fatigue. This will increase your motivation and performance.

If you still doubt whether a gym is the right choice for you, be sure that people go to gyms for themselves. They just want to work out and feel good. And that’s something you want too. Sometimes we have to overcome our fears to find that it’s not that bad after all. And don’t forget, we all started once.