NEBBIA at the last expo ever!

NEBBIA at the last expo ever!

04.10.2019 2 minutes

We consider you part of our family, and this is why we have set off to meet you. This time we visited FIBO, one of the biggest global fitness and bodybuilding exhibitions in Cologne. Our primary goal was to collect as much feedback as possible from you, our customers. We are willing to recommend you the best, and that would be impossible without you. It is like a holiday to us to exchange ideas and experience. Thanks to enormous interest in our products, which we are grateful for, we had the opportunity to collect a lot of feedback that we will process, so that we can improve continuously. The best part of it was meeting you all in person.

We have established new cooperation and begun new friendships. To have Roelley Winklaar visit us with a friendly smile is an inexpressible feeling of gratification. He is not only an exceptional sportsman, but also an extraordinary person. He has succeeded many times as a professional bodybuilder. In 2008 he won the 3rd place at Mr. Olympia. Most of the time he spends training hard. Because of that he is aware that it is crucial to wear comfortable clothing that lets him focus completely on his training.

Roelley has spent several days with us. He always found some time to talk with his fans and posed for their photos without hesitation. Most importantly, he was radiating positive energy all around. See it for yourself.

We had a lot of fun at FIBO. Our team is as coordinated as never before. We are full of energy and determination for new challenges awaiting us. We are happy that we will share this wonderful experience with you.

Thanks to you we have absorbed a lot of feedback that will influence our projects to come. We would like to express a humble gratitude in the name of our entire team. The support you are giving us is incredibly motivating and we will never take it for granted. Quite the opposite, we are incredible grateful for it. It is not only our products that makes us different, is it also our team. We are not only colleagues, but friends in the first place. A family, of which we all are a partof. A family that means everything to us. 

With kind regards, your NEBBIA Team

PS : Cologne is a beautiful city full of history and great food. If you ever decide to set foot to this wonderful city, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to give you a few tips, which restaurants offer the best food and which places should you never miss out :)