NEBBIA is looking for new faces: Make your dream come true!

NEBBIA is looking for new faces: Make your dream come true!

27.07.2021 3 minutes

At NEBBIA, we believe that fitness is more than just visiting the gym three times a week. It's the way we live and the way we think. We are pleased that more and more people are joining the fitness lifestyle everyday, and motivate their surroundings to grow with their progress. If you belong among them, then we want to see YOU! That is why we launched the casting again in hopes of finding 6 new NEBBIA girls. We look for girls who are proud of their bodies and are not afraid of spotlights. Read on and sign up for the casting today!

Who are we looking for?

We would like to expand our NEBBIA family with girls who love movement and understand it perfectly. You don't have to be a P.E. teacher, but you have to be active and know how to do exercises correctly. We present our products in a way they were made for - training and performance. Girls of different heights and sizes have a chance! The most important factor is to have a sporty figure and a healthy percentage of fat. What is also important is your knowledge of foreign languages. You should master the basics of English language. :).

The first selection round

The first selection round will start immediately after the registration closes. Don't forget to fill out our online form by August 5! If you advanced to the finals, we will inform you via email on August 10. Regardless of whether you made it to the final twenty or not, each of the registered will be included in the competition for ZIVA homeworkout equipment worth 150 € and NEBBIA clothing worth 300€. We will inform you about the detailed conditions of this competition as soon as you register.

Day D - Casting

The final selection will take place on August 20 in Žilina, Slovakia, in the NEBBIA store in ZOC Max. Twenty girls can look forward to a very busy program. We are preparing workshops with professional bikini competitors Olívia Pohánková and Simona Hostačná. These champions will talk about their fitness journey, competitive training and share their professional advice on diet and exercise. There will be a welcome drink, hospitality and space for Meet & Greet with our influencers and members of the NEBBIA team. Each of the finalists will receive a NEBBIA package with a surprise.

  • Are you looking for durable clothes for your intense training? The INTENSE collection is for women who go above 100%!

The contestants will be presented to a 4-member jury consisting of the management of the company NEBBIA, Olivia Pohánková and Simona Hostačná. The finals will take place in three rounds: sportswear, a bikini and an interview. Everything will take place in separate areas where the general public will not have access to.

Announcement of new NEBBIA girls

We will announce 6 new NEBBIA girls on August 27 on our website and social media. Winners will also be notified by email.

What can you look forward to as our new NEBBIA girl?

  • You’ll sign a long-term contract with a monetary value
  • You’ll become the face of NEBBIA
  • You’ll be invited for professional photo shootings and video productions
  • You’ll receive NEBBIA product bundles
  • You’ll experience the world of fitness modelling
  • You’ll be promoted across our social media
  • You’ll be supported on your fitness journey
  • You’ll become a part of our #NEBBIAfamily

Don't hesitate and take a step forwardFill out the form and become the face of the NEBBIA.