5 Tips To Become a Fitness Model

5 Tips To Become a Fitness Model

09.07.2020 3 minutes

Are you passionate about fitness with a super athletic and proportionate physique and attractive look? Do you aspire to be a model or an influencer in the fitness industry? Then you came to the right place.

NEBBIA is constantly looking for fitness athletes to shoot for their apparel product portfolio, new collections, e-shop, lookbooks, and social media content. Throughout our history, we've come across many talented individuals that we "kidnapped" directly from the gym to in front of the camera, and so we wanted to share a few insider tips on fitness modeling and what it takes to make it in the industry.

One thing is for sure: becoming a fitness model ain't that easy as it looks. Not only is it an increasingly popular and competitive profession, but it is also quite physically demanding and requires you to be constantly in great shape. Being photogenic doesn't cut it, you also need to stand out from the crowd. So, if you still think the inspiring world of fitness modeling is for you, read our tips for success.

The fitness pro and the ultimate NEBBIA girl Valerija Slapnik


Committing to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your physique is crucial. There were many instances when models came to a photo shoot surprising us with a physique "a bit different" from their yesterday's Instagram picture:) And since you can be called to a photoshoot any day of the year, in order to get as many gigs as possible, you need strong discipline to PERMANENTLY stay in shape. Your rigid workout regime, as well as a strict nutrition plan, are a necessary part of the deal. Show up to a shoot in an absolute peak condition and you make team's and photographer's job so much easier. And what's more, you will be called for more work, guaranteed.

The always fit machine László Király.

When crossfit becomes a part of your lifestyle, abs of steel are guaranteed. Nicky Nellow


So, you already have a perfectly toned body, enviable golden tan but what comes next? Realistic body language, photogenic poses, and facial expressions. Practice makes perfect, so exercise your poses, emotions, and expressions in front of the mirror or selfie camera. Be in control of everything you do and be creative. Don't wait for the photographer to tell you what to do - be prepared to switch poses and show off your best angles. Huge sources of inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest, so check what works, what doesn't, and incorporate your uniqueness into the mix.

No challenge is too difficult for Laura Takacz.


When you're booked for a photoshoot, be a professional, and prepare in advance. Learn about the brand you're working for - what is the brand image, what is the visual style and message it communicates. Check their social media profiles, website and see how you can fit in yet stand out, what unique qualities and experiences can you offer, and nail the job. When it comes to physical preparation - be tanned, well-rested, and energetic. Essentials that you should always bring with you - sneakers in different colors (black and white are a must), no show and no logo socks, nude underwear with invisible lines, deodorant, simple black or clear plastic hair ties, and last but not least good attitude.

Go heavy or go home. Patrik Herzčik


The fitness community is a welcoming place to start. Be an active part of it, contribute a certain way and you'll get plenty in return. Mingle with like-minded people on social media, attend contests in your area and you'll quickly become a part of the tribe. Your success will be a mirror of the initiative and efforts that you create, so get on it and thoughtfully leverage your personal branding.

The Prague fitness crew - Kamila PavlíčkováTomáš GašparíkPatrik HerčzíkViktor Vincze Natalie Myslíková

Natural bodybuilders Gabriel Engel a Filip Olšavský.


Simply said - If you want to succeed in fitness modeling, treat it professionally as any other career path and lead by example. With modeling comes a role model status so aspire to be one. We all have something to offer to the world, so your uniqueness needs to shine. And share it with the world!  

Martine Ganse is always up for a pose.