Our first FIT DAY was filled with specialists, great people, and the best of Slovak fitness

Our first FIT DAY was filled with specialists, great people, and the best of Slovak fitness

06.08.2022 4 minutes

On Saturday, the 28 th of May, almost 300 women of NEBBIA FIT DAY started their journey to a healthier lifestyle. During the biggest sports and motivational event for women in Zilina you could meet many nutrition and fitness experts and coaches from all around the world on multiple stages. And that is only the beginning!

NEBBIA has been faithful to an active lifestyle and we try to motivate our fans to do better every day through functional and designer clothing. This FIT DAY was the first event of its kind. “FIT DAY has exceeded all our expectations. When we visualised this event a year ago, this was it. We wanted for people to have a fantastic day, to work out, get good vibes, and be excited about learning thanks to our amazing coaches,” the CEO of NEBBIA Martin Pecko comments.

The goal was to get people started on living an active lifestyle and show them what fitness really means. “Fitness isn’t just about strict diets and sculpted muscles. It’s a philosophy of taking of one’s body and mind. During this event, we wanted to show how to exercise and grow.”

Self-development, women’s health, and breathing techniques

Well-known speakers participated in our event with their presentations. One of them was fitness trainer Tomas Posvanc that talked about how to feel motivated in a matter of seconds: “Sit down and stand up three times and notice the difference in how you feel. Show your brain how brave and active you are, and your brain will adapt.” The event presented all kinds of topics that were about more than just health. As Tomas put it, the main aspect of this event was learning to have the right mindset and manage ourselves, and how to work with your inner voice.

We truly had presented high-quality topics, our next presenter was Vanda Gallo who is a breathing instructor, and Nikoleta Simonova, a postgrad student in the field of nutrition. Nikoleta talked about four pillars of nutrition that are the key to long-term health and having the optimal weight. “People don’t sleep enough which has negative health consequences. The lack of sleep can cause weight gain because people, who don’t sleep enough, eat high-calorie foods and they don’t have enough energy to work out.” Nutritional specialist Tatiana Kyselovahad a presentation called “How to improve your relationship with food” and Mirka Luberdova a mental and nutritional coach talked about “The psychology and cyclicality of women.”

Into the real world

You could feel the motivation and positivity in the air right from the start. While the presentations were happening, on the main stage people were burning calories left and right. “The first NEBBIA FIT DAY” went great! The energy and community are amazing. I think that every woman found something. I hope everyone liked my workout session.” Says Martina Takacova who opened the event with a functional workout. Yoga lovers could practice thanks to our amazing instructors Lydia Lucenicova and Vladka Kutova. Vierka Aysi concluded the event with her sound therapy session. You could also meet live our personal trainers Kamila Pavlickova and Barbora Galbava that give you free online training three times a week: “Bayush and I make online training for NEBBIA Training Zone. A live workout was so fun! We felt the determination and energy and we got immediate feedback which isn’t possible online,” Kamila comments.

Erika Barkolova would have worked out too

We had more than just training and presentations. In our long-term strategy to reduce the waste, we gave you the opportunity to bring your old NEBBIA clothes and sell them in our sale for customers. Our pop-up store had pieces from our new women’s collection  FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD. We prepared kids’ corners and a food court with healthy food from our partners: Fit Meal, Top strava, and Premium Brands.

Erika Barkolova, a famous TV host, hosted the event but couldn’t work out due to her injuries. “I am so happy NEBBIA chose me as the host for this special day. I had a great time here in Zilina, a day filled with culture and sports. Deep inside, I envied everyone who could work out. FIT DAY was full of interesting workout sessions and amazing presentations that taught me a lot about healthier nutrition.”

Our  NEBBIA Team hopes we started a new tradition in Zilina and FIT DAY will be a new favourite for many we also hope that will motivate us to a healthier lifestyle and bring people together. “FIT DAY FIT DEŇ was about bringing joy from working out to everyone involved, learning something new about nutrition and about oneself. We want to show women that a healthy lifestyle is fun, just like our FIT DAY. I hope everyone woman got pumped up and determined to fulfil her dreams.” Says our Marketing Team Leader for NEBBIA Jaroslava Huljakova.


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