The outstanding trends in women's workout clothes!

The outstanding trends in women's workout clothes!

08.09.2019 3 minutes
The new Fitness Meets Fashion collection introduced women’s fitness clothing that combines sports fashion with the latest trends. We even dare to say that in our design center we created models which have outdone the current fashion and we are setting new trends not only in fitness wear! Check out what news from the category of fitness leggings and ladies pants are must-have pieces of this year according to our women’s athletes!

Aladdin pants - made for yoga and dance!

Extremely comfortable and yet stylish, the new NEBBIA Aladdin pants - popular women’s pants in a loose Turkish style with a low crotch. Designed for all yogis and dancers, for all girls who like comfort, for all-girl rebels that steal large pants from their boyfriends Just put a smile on your face and hands in your pockets and admirable cheeky look will make you unmistakably eye-catching :) Thanks to the soft, comfortable material and wider belt you’ll enjoy incredible comfort. Wide patents around the ankles allow you to roll up your tracksuit and add a bit of a rebellious sporty look. You can choose classic black or bright yellow color.


The top trend of this year - women’s bikers!

Just a little bit of courage and the hot trend of this summer will make you a fashion icon in the gym too. “Bikers” are not only great and extremely comfortable for any kind of sport, but they are especially sexy! We adhered to minimalist design in both cut, color, and print, making them easy to combine, leaving room to complete the original outfit and perfectly accentuate your thighs and slim waist. Women’s cycling pants have a classic length above the knees, a pleat on the back for a “scrunch butt” effect and a high cut belt. Do not be afraid to stand out and wear this trendy piece which highlights your curves!Do you love extravagance? 


The flares à la the 70‘s are not to be overlooked!

We are looking for the bravest of you who are not afraid to put on extravagant women’s leggings and enjoy all the views that will attract them! Retro is simply in and these flare pants in classic black or cheerful and bold yellow color are a real design piece. The raised waist beautifully shapes the waist and hips, and the fold at the back will lift your curves. Leggings have an unusual detail in the form of cutting at the bottom of the pants, which is further accentuated by the inner sewn NEBBIA stripe, which creates a beautiful optical game while walking. Step out of the crowd in eye-catching leggings!


Shaping Bubble Butt Pants in the leather imitation

Their name “Cat women” leggings is not at all accidental. These women’s leggings are one of the sexiest pieces you’ll discover in the new collection. Since the Bubble Butt Pants cut of our leggings, which perfectly shapes female curves, is very popular, we decided to complement the offer of women’s fitness clothing with these beautiful Bubble Butt pants in leather imitation. They are extremely comfortable, stylish and incredibly sexy! Our designer Stanka has always thought of every detail, so you can look forward to a sophisticated design and many interesting details. And although the material visually resembles skin, it is very soft, adaptable and comfortable. Stitching on the legs and butt together with the design of the pockets and shirring on the back will highlight your thighs and buttocks. Get the Cat woman look with these leggings that shapes your curves to perfection!