2020 was an unforgettable experience for NEBBIA

2020 was an unforgettable experience for NEBBIA

01.06.2021 4 minutes

2020 surely did not go as expected. The beginning of the year looked very promising yet it all took a different turn very quickly. At NEBBIA, we always prized our dynamic environment and our ability to react to changes rather quickly. And so when the pandemic hit us, we had to create a game plan.

The NEBBIA team started working from home, and soon we experienced the first challenges as everyone else who was forced to change their lifestyle. But NEBBIA is resilient. As we preach high discipline and the attitude of “never giving up”, we continued to apply this mindset to our work despite the adversity. Life has changed, but our focus remained.

And so the new collection HERO was born.

In April 2020, HERO started out as a response to the world crisis and what it has taught us. We had an urge to emphasize the importance of inner strength, resilience, and determination. Even though the world was changing, the best experiences stayed with us. We had all become heroes of today, each and every one of us. Every single fan became our motivation and driving force. Therefore, the whole collection is—in every detail—inspired by our fans’ desires, needs, the fitness itself, but also by the beauty of a healthy body.

HERO pieces refreshed your workout with timeless, quality gym wear in a variety of new colors, updated cuts, and technically sophisticated materials.

Shortly after HERO, we also released a brand new edition of underwear Shape Of You. We wanted to support all our heroines by designing a new underwear line that will not only naturally enhance their womanhood but also provide comfort and ease for everyday wear.


After the success of HERO, the NEBBIA journey continued with the opening of a second franchise store in Prague in June. The 2nd NEBBIA store in Prague is located at the prestigious WESTFIELD CHODOV (the largest shopping center in Prague) and features a brand new "gym equipment" inspired interior design.


In August 2020, NEBBIA launched its first floral print mini collection ALOHA BABE. "Let yourself bloom!" is the motto of this ecological drop but also our message to all women who are not afraid to show their femininity and figure. The intricately designed 3-piece sportswear set including a sports bra, leggings, and Brazilian style bikini bottom in a Hawaiian-inspired print screams "I am here to bloom and share my beauty with the world!"

Shortly after the drop of ALOHA BABE in August, NEBBIA opened a second franchise store in Olympia shopping mall in Brno.

Following the success of our famous Bubble Butt pants, we made a surprise drop of new pieces in glossy black color. With this addition, our Bubble Butt pants got a whole new dimension as it was marked a cult-following item.

Our bestselling collection Honey Bunny arrived in October!

Sunday 4.10 was one of the most exciting days for NEBBIA as we launched our feminine collection Honey Bunny and our #NEBBIAGIRL Karolina Huvarova appeared on the cover of Playboy. To spice it up a little bit, together with Playboy we organized an unforgettable PLAYBOYxNEBBIA show.


The time has finally come to showcase the new men's collection and we could not be more proud of the result. The entire NEBBIA team had worked super hard to deliver something new, designed especially for hard-working, hard-training, ambitious men. For men like you.

LIMITLESS was designed in cooperation with our athletes. We asked them what they needed, what clothes can make them forget about everything, and only focus on their workout goals when it's their time in the gym. And the results? The best of the best is back, innovated, and with every detail thought-through. And not only for this reason, but the new collection is also a celebration of real fitness.


NEBBIA is an official sponsor of athlete clothing at The Olympia for the 6th year in a row now. Having such a massive responsibility, we do not take this sponsorship lightly, and always come fully prepared. The clothing must be top quality, performance-oriented, and adjusted to the specific requirements of high-profile champions and bodybuilding legends.

And so for this year's Mr. Olympia, the best champions in the world chose NEBBIA again. In December 2020, the event took place in Orlando, Florida, and our NEBBIA team was there to capture the exclusive atmosphere and give you all the behind-the-scenes details!

What a year! 2020 was truly unforgettable and full of surprises. If anything, we certainly learned a valuable lesson. And that is the unity that emerged from the crisis. Our fitness community stayed strong, resilient, and hopeful, encouraging, and uplifting each member through these trying times.

NEBBIA is incredibly thankful for this year as it unlocked the potential in each of us. We are happy for the messages we could spread across the world and see your reaction, see how you preserved despite the challenges thrown at you. This is what NEBBIA is all about. Being determined, focused on our goals, and dedicated.